Everton Thread


Everton transfer policy is very suspect. Desperate for instant success rather than organic building



Last season many were raving about Everton. I seem to recall a couple of pundits predicting they’d finish above Liverpool, which was a laughable idea then and a completely insane one now.


Summer 2017 was madness from them they bought about six number 10’s :joy::joy::joy:


They wasted so much money on attacking midfields that if they spent that money on a good forward instead they probably wouldn’t have had to hire fat Sam to rescue them


It’s the problem average sides get when they come into money. Fucking loads to spend but a total inability to attract anyone who is very good. When City first got rich with that Thai money, they signed loads of dross like Jo.


I look back with a weird kind of nostalgia on that 2007/08 Man City team spunking tonnes of money on Jo, Robinho, Roque Santa Cruz, Craig Bellamy, Steven Ireland…

Haha it was so weird they were spending so much money on like, semi-big/semi-good names


I always remember I proper rated Santa Cruz and Morten Gamst Pederson :joy:


I agree they’ll finish 7th or 8th but it’s the points tally I’m more referring to as being a failure.


Watford are the really winners here. Manager and Richarlison money. Everton like west ham just the 2 most cliched clubs and wannabes in the prem.


Jo had such a huge reputation for such a dud player.
Back then Mancini used to play him and I never feared us losing against City.


Such a clueless club. They remind me of Sunderland for the way they waste the money.