Everton Thread


Hope so.


Such a surprise


I imagine this is to make a late move for club legend and best young manager on earth Mike Arteta :giroud3:


Another PL club looking for a manager.

That will be Everton, West Ham, Chelsea, Newcastle, as well as us, all potentially trying to get someone on the managerial merry-go-round.
But with us we’re probably going to get someone who hasn’t paid the fare and hasn’t even experienced what the ride is like.


They’ll just get Silva, who they wanted in the first place


They probably considered Arteta but thought that as a fairly big club we have a responsibility to our supporters, and because he had no experience as a manager whatsoever, then we had better go for someone who has done the job before :wink:




We can do a lot better than him :wink:


How come I had to read about Silva’s appointment on a traditional news site? What the hell OA!?


We’re still in shock that Arteta didn’t get the gig. That three pies a day cunt Kenwright has no idea what he’s doing.



The article also says that Everton put the feelers out for Simeone :rofl:

The only similarity they have with Atlético is that they’re the second best team in their city!


And they play shit football


Usual parochial shite here, keeping Duncan Ferguson on as coach.


I just farted I laughed so hard…


Man all that drama to sign Marco Silva, only to discover what most already knew… He’s not really good.

Same deal as with Koeman.


It’s a bit early to be saying that, will be interesting to see what he can do with Everton.

It ended in tears with Watford but he was doing very well before the Everton interest knocked him off his groove.


Desparetly need a goal scorer to get anywhere Everton.


but, but, but they have Walcott! :joy:


They’ve scored like 22 and let in like 6 this pre season. They’re doing fine :mustafi:


I do wonder what the fuck is going on at this club.