Everton Thread


Leicester 4 points behind as well. They were 11 points behind only 2 weeks ago.


Throwing shade at Lukaku :speak_no_evil:


But not replacing him is why you were flirting with relegation.


This why it’s better to have a majority shareholder that keeps his beak out


Given their belief in transubstantiation he’s revealed himself to believe in something almost equally as ridiculous :grin:


That and fucking zombies lol


It all began in Africa,
as a spiritual system of faith and ritual practices.
Like all faith systems, the core functions are to explain the forces of the universe.
Some people call it Candomblé, others Macumi, others call it Macumba or Yoruba,
but for me, it is all voodoo.

Within the voodoo society, there are no accidents.
Practitioners believe that nothing and no even has a life of it’s own,
the universe is all one.
Each thing affects something else,
scientists know that, nature knows that.
Many spiritualists agree that we are not separate,
we all serve as part of one,
So in a sense, what you do onto another, you do onto you,
because you are the other.
We are mirrors of each others’ souls,
Me, you… Voodoo!



This a Toto song?


No, it’s an old mp3 I downloaded in the early 2000s by an Artist I can find almost no information about on the internet.

It’s really quirky :smiley:


I’d be more “sad and angry” about being called Roman Catholic tbh.





That was hard to watch.


I wonder what his girlfriend thinks of that.

When I say girlfriend, I mean carer.


His haircut looks deliberate.




I don’t want to see these jowls in the PL again. Ever.


Save a team, leave and then rinse and repeat.


Allardyce, Pulis, Hughes, Patdew etc, will still be on the managerial merry-go-round as long as there is a relegation system in the PL.

Any club who employs these dinosaurs deserves what they get.


November at the latest.


Maybe Everton will beat us to Arteta