Everton Thread


Good riddance, then.


Sam Allardyce has reopened talks with Everton and is now expected to be the new manager until the end of the season.

Lol remember in the summer when he said he was retired and wasn’t coming back.







West Brom get rid of Pulis, then get Megson, then Pardew.
Allardyce could go to Everton and Hughes is hanging on at Stoke.
These managers have been on the manager merry-go-round for so long they are going to run out of clubs to go to, and will just start all over again.

After selling Lukaku, and not replacing him, then possibly getting this dinosaur in, their owner, who is supposedly going to get Everton in the top four, is turning out to be a bit of a liar.

Who would have thought, a club owner who’s only in it for the money.
The owners of Everton, West Ham, Newcastle and Arsenal are laughing all the way to the bank, at our expense.


United fans say it about the Glazers. Liverpool fans say it about FSG. Spurs about Levy. Everton have Kenwright and hes a genuine fan but that now counts for nothing with their fans.
Its a no win situation sometimes with fans.


The ideal man for a desperate case.


Italy next :sunglasses:


At Everton? Really? How?



Any PL club is a massive attraction for an investor but for the second longest serving club, in the top league in this country, with a massive fan base and an expectation level of only challenging for a Europa League place, I would have thought they would be right up there.






It’s a pun. They’ve replaced the word over with ‘Auba’. :stuck_out_tongue:


Quality pun I have to say


Big Sam picking up the points


People might not like him but he proves his worth continually.


They are only eight points behind us after being in the relegation places a few games ago.