Everton Thread


Any club considering Allardyce as a viable option as manager has clearly got no ambition.

He is one of the longest serving managers in the PL and I’m always amazed at managers like him, Hughes, Souness, Pulis, etc, have got so many jobs, with so many clubs in the PL, yet win nothing and play boring, if effective, football.


OH FUCK, please dont tell me he is our next manager :santi:



Most clubs have no ambition. Slightest sniff of relegation and it’s panic stations then condemning yourself to two years of a shitmerchant until you’re in the position that you think we’re comfortable and maybe we should try and push forward.


Watford will report them if they carry on. These Merseyside clubs… When will they learn that no means no? :roll_eyes:

Anyway, there are plenty of other managers out there. If they’re willing to throw £10m at Watford, why not throw that money at someone else?!


What do you mean?
Everton aren’t going to tempt our manager away :wink:


That would only be a splash in the ocean for Wenger. We pretty much pay him that every year, don’t we? :expressionless:

£10m is a lot of money though. Silva doesn’t have a release clause in his contract, but other managers do - I think Rafa Benítez’ is £5m, why not try him? Or they can go after an available manager.


Exactly. It’s just a temporary manager.





And to think they were supposed to fight for the 4th this season :poldi:


Just saw they lost 5-1 at home to Atalanta. Tbh Atalanta are doing a decent job since the summer but still :joy:






They need to bite the bullet and give Allerdyce the job.


What do you make of Martin o Neil being linked. Hes had a bad press in Ireland by and large. I know he hasnt got a great deal of talent but some really negative comments ive read by ex players and press a like.
Is he past his best and would it be a gamble for Everton in your opinion.


I think its a non starter because he has a two year offer on the table from the FAI and realistically Everton only want a manager for the next 6-7 months.

I think managing a team like Ireland for four years removes you too much from what it takes to be a PL manager so in that regard it would definitely be a risk for Everton. O’Neill by all accounts is a heavy motivator and not so much of an organiser and Everton need the latter so if I was them I wouldn’t hire him.

That said he’s done a perfectly fine job as Ireland boss. We were 4th seeds in that group and in reality if we hadn’t fucked up against Serbia at home we would have won it. Not sure what those ex players think anyone could have done better tbh.


They can’t get Brendan Rodgers?


No because hes ex Liverpool, their fan base is very sensitive that way.