Everton Thread


After a few more seasons with Wenger we will have drifted into the “relative obscurity” group of clubs and he could come here :wink:


He’s done that already in terms of building a side up, I think he’d welcome a top club which would also allow him to change up his tactical methodology and also be more free in terms of player acquisition.

I don’t think Everton have a snowballs chance in hell of landing someone of Simeone’s caliber tbh.


I read earlier that there were rumours of Allardyce going there for around 100k a week so if they are willing to pay that dinosaur that much I would have thought Simeone would be reasonable option.


Seeing how Atletico and Everton are playing this season, Simeone would fit them well.


Moshiri sounds and starting to look fraudulent round the edges. Nice deflection from the Paradise papers though.


He played for Lazio for four years. Won the Serie A with them to in 99/00. He has a history/relationship with/at that club. Makes it slighty different.


Gutted. Everton trying to go from TinTin to Silva. Quite a big leap - perhaps they should try their luck with Copper first.


They did well. Who is so crazy to manage Everton atm?


Lose at Palace this week and complete panic sets in.


Do you dislike Everton a lot? :slight_smile:


Them and West Ham and Newcastle tbh. Their clubs who are cliched to fuck in the media. West Ham way shit. Peoples club bollocks with Everton and Newcastle fans and constant comments about 1950s cup wins just piss me off.


Was that awesome tintin and double metal reference all you or has that been lurking out there before? Absolutely love it on all levels…


Ha. I have no idea if someone has said it before but yes it was me. I was trying to think of something gold/silver related than thought of that instead :flushed:


Hey Everton won the league 35 years ago. That means they’re a “massive club” :sunglasses:


If Silva went to West Ham, the club would be run by Sullivan, Gold and Silva.


Simeone would do well to get a gig in the Prem. Everton’s not too big for him. Personally never been a big fan of his, lacks ideas, but there’s not a job too small for him here. Hell, we’ve got a CL winner managing Newcastle ffs.


Fact that he looked like Tintin with that hair was great…


For sure he is to big for any club outside the top five. Stop disrespecting him like that.

12 years ago…


Not looking good for Everton’s ownership. Looks incompetent


Good for Everton. You don’t want Allardyce.