Everton Thread


I don’t know if this has been posted before. It’s an interview Niasse did last year. It’s pretty bad from Koeman, he even made Niasse eat his lunch with the youngsters!




Don’t do it Sean!


I feel like Sky have already appointed Dyche to Everton. They’ve been banging on about it for days, encouraging Everton to go for him. Acting like a wing man on a night out.

The coverage has been pretty disrespectful to Burnley to be honest. But hey, it helps Everton, they don’t need to tap him up because pundits and ex players have done it for them!


So after the bluster of the Moshiri millions its come to this sad list. Obscurity assured.


You should applaud the fact that a semi-big club is considering giving a chance to an up-and-coming English manager.


I remember last summer arguing with this hardcore WOB on Twitter who predicted Everton to finish above Arsenal, never trust a WOB :grinning:


I found it was more pundits who predicted it. Robbie Savage went in pretty strong on that viewpoint. He actually said Everton would finish 4th!


I wouldn’t listen to those outdated fools speak about football


Exactly! Burnley are so much better than Everton atm.


Dyche at Everton would be interesting. Can’t say it’d be a bad appointment tbh


I rate Dyche and think he’d do a good job at Everton, considering what he’s had up until this point he manages well.

As you said would be interesting to see what he could do at a bigger club with more money at his disposal.


would be good move for Dyche but I think Everton will end up appointing someone else


I think Everton will go for someone with a higher profile and more experience at the top level, maybe Ancelotti.
If they are as ambitious as their owner says then they will, if he’s not, then Dyche is a good option and experienced in the PL.

The fact they went into this season without replacing Lukaku, and only a net spend of around 30m, might mean the owner is not as ambitious as some of their supporters say he is.


Ancelotti to Everton? He would ruin his career there.


Ancelotti to Everton?

That’s just disrespectful…lol.


I only think Ancelotti will go there if their new owner is as ambitious as he says and will give him enough money to build a team.
But I think he is like a lot of PL club owners, only in it for the money he can make from the club, not whet he can do for them.

I would prefer Ancelotti to come to us but Wenger isn’t going anywhere.


As long as Everton don’t steal our future manager, Howe, I’m happy.


To be fair, Everton had enough money to spend last summer, they just didn’t spend it wisely. As much as I rate Sigurðsson, he isn’t a £50m player. Everton could certainly have done without him (they’re stocked with number 10s anyway). They should have spent that money, or some of it, on a proven goal scorer.

I can’t imagine Ancelotti at Everton, no matter what promises they make him.

Ancelotti, clubs managed:
Real Madrid
Bayern Munich

And then Everton? Nah.


But you could have said that when Man City got Guardiola or any new club with a rich owner who wants top players and a top manager.
Who would have thought a club like Man City would have a manager like him, or a club in the French first division would have Neymar Di Maria and Cavani playing upfront for them.

Unless Ancelotti is hanging around for us to get rid of Wenger, what other big team from the richest league in Europe is he going to be tempted by.

I’m not saying it’s going to happen but if Everton really do mean business, this would be the best way to prove it.
I hope it doesn’t because it means it is yet another team we will have to compete with.