Everton | deducted 10 points by the PL

I don’t understand what this has to do with City? They haven’t been found guilty of anything yet.

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People are tarnishing the City name out of pure speculation.

Would they? The owners have invested millions in the structure of the club; training ground etc. Wouldn’t be long before they worked their way back up. Plus they’d then have that siege mentality due to feeling hard done by.

Everton supporters have been slamming their ownership for as long as the investigation into city. Now it’s “Everton are easy targets”. “Punishment is too harsh”. Yet anyone seen an Everton fan condemning their own club management recently? Those most outspoken ones are hypocrites.

My brother is an Everton fan. He thinks they are a shit show. He also thinks the punishment is harsh. I agree with him on both points.

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Obviously that dosnt make any sense at all.

If cooperating with the league gets you a ten point deduction you’ve gotta wonder if other clubs would even bother. It’s probably more tempting to go the City route, bury the FA or PL in paper and bake the legal costs into the budget.


Chelsea had a transfer ban a few seasons ago, yet came back and continued spending more than almost any club in Europe so must have flouted the rules.

The Everton points deduction might be a warning to Chelsea and Man City to expect a harsher punishment and then the FA might throw the book at Chelsea for repeatedly breaking the rules.
If they don’t, they’ll be accused of being more biased towards the bigger clubs than they already are.

But it also gives Chelsea every incentive to not cooperate and drag their feet. If cooperation gets you a ten point penalty, you may as well not cooperate, get some attorneys and fight every little thing.

It could do but, if Everton hadn’t cooperated, the FA might have given them a bigger points deduction.
It depends on how harshly the FA want to clamp down on clubs flouting the rules so if Chelsea drag their heels it might make it worse for them.

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I think smaller clubs should revolt. No way should teams like Everton, Spuds, Luton? be swiftly punished and Chelsea/City get to just use their money to obstruct.


I mean, that is how the legal system generally works in all areas of society.

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This is football though - we’re not in the legal arena per say. I get City/Chelsea can sue but the PL-FA make up the rules.

And what’s to stop teams suing the PL-FA for favorable treatment of big clubs or even suing those clubs?

It’s still just a bunch of businesses operating within (or outside of) requirements. I mean it’s not the same as Jones v Smith and debating who caused whay damage to which property or whatever but it’s still something that follows a sinilar sort of system.