European Super League


Problem with the old cwc was that too many top teams would win the league and cup double. This lead too quite average domestic runners up entering as the replacement.


Is this more in terms of the other European nations? Because I thought that in England winning the double is historically a relatively rare occurrence.

Edit: it turns out all the info is very easily found, if you could be arsed to read through and discount everything before 1960 and after 1999. Having got to M in the alphabetical list I’d say you have a point haha


Yeah fait enough thats a good point. I guess a lot of average teams win cups too which don’t make it a particularly good spectacle.


You’ve changed your tune, considering you were telling me off a few months ago, saying I shouldn’t turn my nose at the competition and now you want it scrapped like I do :gunnersaurus:


I want to win it as long as its still a thing.