European Elections 2017 - Will the EU become stronger or fall?


Left vote splitting itself again. Looks like the death of the French Socialist Party!


Melenchon and Hamon should have run together.


Macron with 65.1% vs 34,9% Marine “Vichy regime did nothing wrong” Le Pen.


Thought it was gonna be 60-40. Not had at all as a win. Le Pen barely got a third.

Good lad Macron. Not perfect but he was by far the hest choice in this second round.

Hopefully some reforms will begin happening, both in France and the EU.


Not my best candidate, but you couldn’t just vote for Le Pen. Let’s see if Macron’s strong europeism is gonna change the Europe for the better.



They are back :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Guess who.


Ufff. Worrying night indeed. Germany is a country that has seen sharp economic growth in the past 10+years voting about 15% for the AFD. This and the SPD not going into coalition with Merkel should worry us in Europe…

Something is wrong and we need to find answers quickly. Simple as that

I’m not big on the German electoral system but this is what their paeliantment will look like;

Who will Merkel work with? :thinking:


Maybe @Luca_from_Italy was right after all…


Cocky germans not learning from the past :ozil2: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The West never learns, not just the Germans.