EURO 2024

Oh yes I realised the joke, but I find it hilarious to this day that Peter Shilton still can’t get over the fact he was outjumped by a short man.
Also I only idolise only one footballer , I forgive him all his sins.


lol that’s funny though

Bro spent all his money buying flags lol

Yeah, Higuain was pretty good. :snake:

Good for Napoli until he became traitor and he wasn’t even a proper Argentinian, should have played for France.

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But to a certain degree this is true, no? Like for like England doesn’t have a lesser squad than Spain. Talent wise you could even argue they have the advantage. That is exactly where a coach comes in to translate the talent in results/proper execution/tactical play? F.e. I think Slot and Ten Hag could have made us play better and more as a cohesive unit than Koeman. But he got the luck of the draw etc.

Well I think it is unfair to blame it all on the coach, yet when they win it would be all thanks to the players.

Ten Hag worked miracles at Ajax, yet at United he seems to struggle. Is it all down to him?

As for Slot we will have to see how he fares at Liverpool. He did a great job at Feyenoord, admirable. But just as ten hag, let’s see how it goes at a club the size of Liverpool.

Southgate is not a great tactician I suppose, but definitely he isn’t a bad coach. And if England manage to win the EC, he deserves credit as well.

As for Netherlands yesterday. What annoyed me a lot was the absolute unwillingness, cowardness to try and attack in the final 3rd. The amount of times they started sideway and back passing right in front of the opponent’s box was frustrating to watch.

Just fucking try to have an attack. It was really awful.

Then you see players like Weghorst and the drop in quality is palpable

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Still can’t believe we got that penalty


Wtf has happened to your country?

I said to my dad yesterday, Cruyff would rolling in his grave seeing this terrorism.

Feel like Van Marwijk did a number on yous in 2010 and you’ve not been the same since.

I remember Van Bastens euro 2008 team which was great, the last great Dutch team imo


Mate. I was so annoyed with the way they played.

They manage at last to come to the box of England and then they fucking start back passing and side passing.

It was really noticeable the fear of making an incisive pass. A pass into the box.

Veerman put in a few crosses. But those generally go to no man’s land.

If Cruyff saw this. He would rip them all a new one.

You’re right Van Basten had an entertaining team. I miss those guys.

Also I remember Rijkaard had them play really well. Back in 2000 I think.

Terrorist ball started with Van Marwijk.



So so true.

It’s devastating how much the face of the Holland NT has changed since.

They were my favourite neutral team on every big competition before that. Of course that legendary generation on the turn of century, but they played the best (going forward at least, most entertaining one) football also on those tournaments in 2004, 2006, 2008…

But then Van Marwijk and the WC 2010 happened and it never went back.

From the biggest entertainers on every big tournament they went to playing the most conservative football ever - zero risk, no movement, every player keeping his position in order not to leave space for a counter… Give it to Sneijder, he gives it to Robben and that’s about it.

Ugliest football of all times ever.

And then for a change they won a medal playing like that and maybe thought we should keep going like this.

Besides the lack of individual quality nowadays, the dutch football looks even more dead because they stopped playing the beautiful game.


I do think it has always been a bit of a myth that Dutch football is beautiful though. They’ve had some managers who promoted beautiful football and many players who are some of the greatest ever.

But it’s usually always been the pragmatic approach from many of the top Dutch coaches through history. It’s just how they are.

Bottom line is: it’s dumb football

Side pass, pass back, side pass, lose ball opponent counters

Might as well try and make a run and pass behind their defense. At least if you fail you tried

The aforementioned manner is just stupid shit

Personally I think it starts and stops with Rinus Michels in the 70’s alongside Cruyff, Neeskens and all the other great Dutch players around that time.

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Similar to Brazil, the Dutch live off the fumes of past success and think that’s enough to win.

Its not surprising there hasn’t been an decent dutch coach in years now. If Eth and Koeman is your best offering thats a huge problem right there when the talent pool declines.

You’d think Koeman as a direct cruyff disciple with a wealth of coaching experience would best to implement a style that replicates the best of dutch footballing philosophy right? These guys lack balls but have 100% of the arrogance

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I’ve always preferred counter attacking football or just direct attacking play.

I hate the mindless passing for the sake of having the ball.

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Yeah it’s really useless