EURO 2024

Southgate gonna go close at the Euros, coin flip between them or France, then Portugal and Spain punchers chance.

If they avoid each other. I think England vs France will be the final

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Never a penalty.

He touches him but thats a very dramatic dive

A lot of people seemed outraged with the decision. I’m with you actually.

What exactly is he doing? Is he trying to control the ball? Is he trying to pass it? Is he trying to shoot?

To me it just looks like he’s trying to somehow get a touch and then look for some sort of contact to win a pen.

Think it’s a clear pen tbh, Mudryk gets to the ball first and the defender clips his leg. Yeah barbie falls down dramatically but that shouldn’t matter.

Also would be quite nice to see the italians done over by an exaggerated fall.

He made the most of it but it’s a pen for mine, clumsy defending and Italy got lucky.

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Clear pen. Looks like a twat with all that rolling about.


Yeah penalty for me too. The exaggerated fall likely went against him. The level of outrage is due to the implications of that decision though. Score there and Ukraine are through instead of Italy. Sure, they’ll have a chance in the playoffs, but they should feel aggrieved in the mean time.

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Italy in pot 4 is a killer :joy:

I want us to get out the group stages for the first time ever so no groups of death thanks

The reigning champions in pot 4 seems such an odd one

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Euros always have one or two insane groups.

Holland will be part of one for sure.
Like 2008: France, Italy, Holland and Romania in a group.

It could happen again!

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Group stage draw coming up on BBC2 in a bit

Watching tournament draws we are in is still a novelty for me :joy:

I don’t want England very boring if that happens again

It’s completely understandable that you wouldn’t want the tournament favourites :sunglasses:

Denmark in with England

Scotland in with Germany

Opening game for them

We are getting the Dutch

Pot 3 got better teams than pot 2. Though obviously we get the worse of the lot in Slovenia :sweat_smile: