Euro 2020 virtual sticker album

Join the great OA team then!

Team: 12666
Pass: Gunners


Did you guys scan a Coca Cola bottle yet? Gets you 3 free packs

I’ll do it next time I do my shopping :henry2:

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You can join by using this link

Got a free pack for Team OA, check your PM lads

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Look at the England fan compared to the rest :grin: Surely deliberate :thinking:

Why the f do they only create squads with 11 players? Some who aren’t even starters for their country? :man_shrugging: I still have my Paninis from 1986 and 1990 stored in the attic and there’s atleast 15 or more players in each team :sweat_smile:


Password changed. We’ve got a shitload of lurkers on this board joining our team.

PM me if you want in.

@Calum how far along are you? :smiley:

Any more codes? :grin:

29% I think keep forgetting about it :joy: