EURO 2020 Fantasy Football


One day left to sign up @everyone

I would like to play with you!

That’s… Nice.

I’ve also sent you the league code :slight_smile: Welcome!


Can you send me the code too please?

No one else in for this?

Y’all can spend days arguing about Wenger but don’t want to join an actual football competition? :grin:


I joined earlier today and I’m going to wipe the floor with the lot of you! Made TAA my captain too…I think he is going to achieve amazing things!


Anyone else wanna tell him?



Last day to sign up people. Come on!

No point. My team will win.

@BigWeng_4LYFE @Aussiegooner a real chance to prove xG means something here :eyes:

I’ll play but I don’t see a link to where I can make my team and sign up.

Thanks but I don’t think I can be arsed with fantasy.

Check your PM’s and you will.

11hours left till deadline

Just a couple of hours left to join the greatest league in the world people!!

I’ll give you a golden tip to see off some competitors:

De Bruyne ruled out of the 1st match, maybe even the 2nd, don’t bother with him.


Teams set now

I only just got your team name :facepalm:

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Drop me the invite code please @Bl1nk.

Found this quite hard tbh so went largely with a differential squad. I feel as though I’d like to save expensive French players for the next matchday/round.