OptaJoe can fuck off with that one word final sentence. Cunts.

JakeyBoy is one of quite a few (26) OA members to complain about OptaJoe’s formatting of stats. Miffed.


I have to say, this is the first time I have rated Southgate. Excellent subs.

I don’t expect him to drop Kane and Foden but he is right to take them off. I expect he will do the same again if need be.

I think Shaw starts in the final.

That was not excellent decision, he just had no choice.

Again, luck over everything.


Who do you think wins the final, Ron?

Spain deserves it, but luck overrides everything…

How do you prove it’s luck and not just a good decision?


See, I don’t know about this. They didn’t deserve to beat Germany, for example.

A Germany v England final, in Germany, would have been the absolute dream, in my opinion.


and just like that… Ollie Waktin’s valuation instantly hits £100m.

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England starts with Kane they lose, they start without him they have a very good chance of winning .

Spain aren’t a great team they are just the best of a mediocre bunch.

I agree but Southgate isn’t going to drop Kane.
If it weren’t for him being such a boring manager, we wouldn’t have struggled so badly in this tournament.

Surely Southgate can see from the bench he’s just plodding along, perfect example last night Saka does all the hard work puts a great cross in and Kane never even anticipates getting to the ball and even Saka alongside millions of those watching look to the sky shouting for fuck sake!.

I remember many years ago and i can’t remember which tournament but the England players had a mini revolution against the manager ( who I can’t remember either), and they came out playing better

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I don’t think there’s any chance of a player rebellion against Southgate. I think one thing his management has always been very effective for is creating togetherness within the group and solidarity behind him. No other England manager has been able to cut through the individualism and the external pressure quite like Southgate.

Which makes his tactical intransigence and the slow pace of adaptation under him very frustrating.


Spain may not be great now but they have the makings of a great team especially when some of these young players reach their peak

They don’t deserve to be lumped in with the rest at all, they’ve meant business from the first game

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by his trend.

Kane has been poor, very poor and you are telling me that playing him for 80+ minutes and save a player that had 0 minutes (I think Toney did play but not Watkins) for the last 10 mere minutes was a masterstroke…

What Watkins did was a turn, never looked at the goal, and then shoot.

What good decision it was by Southgate?

Yeah, because it “worked” so Southgate was perfectly fine, and made a God-like decision.

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IMO, they did.
They played more aggressive than Germany, had better tactics, and better players (as a team).
Germany never had the legs to get through Spain, France and England.

No doubt about that but they make everyone else distinctly average. I still think on paper England ( from their performances for their respective clubs) have the best squad.

I think the last truly great teams were Italy 2006 and Brasil 2002, it’s a shame because with the quality they’ve got they could be a great team.
It’s just the coaching is criminal and they look knackered.

He does deserve credit for this but he never would have been able to do it in the 2000s. Straight cunts in that squad.

Watkins in 2 minutes produced more open play danger than Kane has in 6 starts.

Watkins tireless running into channels and general off the ball work would massively benefit Saka, Bellingham and Foden. Kane just clogs up the areas where our creators operate, and then isn’t in the fucking box when good balls get put in.

Kane is a brilliant footballer but he’s been shit this tournament. It’s all academic because he’ll start and play the majority of the game.

You almost don’t want Watkins to come on at any point because it will mean England are losing / playing poorly and need something different. Southgate only uses his substitutes as a desperate, reactive measure.