England thread


The woman jumping on the ambulance was actually Scottish… she might do it again to celebrate our defeat!


His movement and work ethic was pretty damn good. Liked his hold up play a lot.

Only things about him are that he gets knocked down and tackled really easily. He also has a few issues with his finishing and decision-making.

Dangerous but also frustrating.


They’ve never tried to develop a thinker, a really intelligent creative player. Just powerful athletic dribbling runners or big strikers and no nonsense defenders have been produced, time and time and time again, it’s a cultural thing, and needs to be changed from the bottom up. It never will and frankly, I’m 30 and in my lifetime it hasn’t changed despite 3 decades of opportunity to do so, so they can carry on being shit because they’ve only themselves to blame, its fucking funny tbh.


All true points. Its why he cant afford to dick about with his contract at city. He really must carry on with his tuition under Pep and give himself his best chance at developing into a major talent.


Long live Pep.


Well they did have Scholes, but Sven the idiot played him on the wing.


Take out Ozil for Sterling though. You need more Sterling’s, not less.


Scottish? :cech: :henry2:


Yeah cause everyone has a trophy parade without a trophy don’t they?!




I don’t think winning three out of six matches and only beating countries who are ranked outside the top twenty deserves any sort of parade.

We did the bare minimum and were outplayed by Croatia, a country with a population that is half of London, and ranked twentieth in world football.

I know we had six spurs players in the England squad, but, like @YJYUX says, that doesn’t mean we have to celebrate coming close to winning anything, like they do.


Put the pressure on Croatia trophy

Too soon for this still? :wink:


We aren’t some MIckey Mouse country that’s never won the thing before ffs. Parades are only for victories.


Typical Spurs.


No they shouldnt. Stocks high as a brand at the moment and money to be made. Bit of tv coverage and sponsors and partners might like the idea though.
As always nowadays cash is king.


Just devalues the whole parade thing if we are celebrating losing a semi final.


23 bronze medals still up for grabs though :giroud2:


A parade is too much, they deserve a warm reception though. I’m sure people will turn out at the airport to welcome them.


Like their drivers :grinning:


So when are Spurs releasing their new DVD? :slight_smile:


The boys brought it home :giroud2: