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Kane was not good pretty much all tournament. I’m not sure why he always rated so highly. He was basically Rooney, coming deeper than he should to play sideways balls and poor diagonals.

It felt like we’ve been relying on Sterling to do everything and then he’s the one being slated when he doesn’t.


So now everyone’s singing the 98 version of Three Lions?


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Kane was poor tonight.

However, the supply to him was shit for practically the whole tournament.

I’d like to see how many shots he was averaging per game because he was on the periphery for many games, the quality of passes in to him was criminal.

He shouldn’t be making team of the tournament though.


No creativity from midfield, that hurts.


Could never be my country

2006 : Scotland



Yeah, no one to pass in between the lines, make key passes and control the game in the final third.

This supposed link between him and Dele Ali doesn’t exist, it’s Eriksen that makes Spurs tick. And no one in the midfield is of the same quality as him.


Don’t forget Heung-Ming Son. He is the one pulling the defenders wide and creating a lot of space for Kane. Because he can run (to space) and he can dribble, defenders can’t leave him alone.

Sterling on the other hand, he will dribble to dead corner or hold the ball for too long till all kind of space disappear.


I think Sterling has shown his worth in the past few games been very good causing problems for opposition back line, the main issue we had was our midfield. We have the most inform striker in the PL and he barely got shots on goal in the whole tournament.

The midfield is all good against the weaker sides but when the pressure is on against better teams it will get outfoxed and schooled.

I said before the tournament that Southgate was looking to play a possession based game but didn’t take Wilshere, Lallana or Shelvey. We couldn’t dictate the tempo in that second half after they equalised and it allowed them to get into the game, a midfield of Henderson, Ali and Lingard is just not equipped to control a game when the team is under pressure.

Very bad decision from Southgate, I think he did wonderfully in terms of building a great atmosphere and building bridges with the press but definitely showed naivety in terms of team selection and tactics.


Sterling’s speed could really bother the defenders, but unfortunately his decision making and lack of final third abilities make him a terrible player.
He is just like Ox playing for Arsenal.

All my England fans were so frustrated that he started almost every game, and Southgate not taking him out early enough.

I would compare this England 3-men midfield to Argentina’s 3-men midfield.
There is no creativity from them, so your wide player (or one of the forwards) has to drop back and start the offense.

When Messi had the ball, when Di Maria was in form, they were dangerous. Look at them when Messi was isolated, Di Maria had a bad game, they were dire. They could not generate anything from their midfield but just passing the ball sideways.

England is better because they are much younger and energetic. However, Sterling (and Lingard was disappointed also) could not create anything. I don’t even remember there was one time that they do beat the defenders one on one or had a good one-two to unlock the defense.

To fully utilize Kane and prevent him from dropping back too much (like Rooney previously), England needs to have another one or two technical players in the middle. At this point Sterling and Lingard cannot carry the offense by themselves.



Proud of the boys. Technically lacking but showed good togetherness, good attitude and a lot of fight. Southgate has done more than enough to prove he can push England on. We need a little less naivety and a couple of good playmakers and were sorted. No shame from that world cup campaign though and the fans have also done us proud.


Despite the lack of goals, I thought Sterling was one of England’s best players.


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Sterling had his best game last night and was a threat. Rashford was very poor and ineffective when he came on. You have to question Southgate on that.


Nothing new. England has never used and developed a deep-lying playmaker.


Its like disinfecting a wound. Its painfull but it has to be done. england reached their limit and they should be happy just getting out of the group stage in the first place. #NoMoreDestroyedAmbulances