England thread


I basically am right now. I have a love for Eric and Kieran that will never die now.


Yup. Winning that game for either side was a poisoned chalice.


What a tournament, right???

Italy and Holland are not in the Russia, Germany, Spain, Brazil, all gone before semi-finals…

So many surprises.


I genuinely hope they come good again. My favourite national side outside of England. The rest? Meh, hope they stay poor. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:







Never seen you talk so much sense my CENSORED friend!

@Craigie I have no idea how anyone can watch that Colombia match and think England were the better side. Scored one dodgy goal, created much less chances, and won on penalties.

Have you not had a look at Harry Kane, Dele Alli, and Jesse Lingard? Because that’s literally all it takes.


If only there were some decent English midfielders that have actually won some trophies :thinking::thinking::thinking:





Mentally weak Arsenal rejects. Just what England need.



Classy stuff tbf. Glad to see the unsavoury stuff seen over the weekend isn’t the norm.


Either civility is spreading or we still hate the French.


I hate the French but I’ll be supporting them in the final. They didn’t get there by fucking Polish loopholes.


How can anyone genuinely believe England didn’t deserve to beat Colombia?


England need to sack Southgate, and hire Wenger. Then they bring back Wilshere and Ox will be healthy. Gibbs back in the team to replace Walker, and Danny up top with Kane. Euro 2020 winners easily. Those guys are the masters of knock our competitions.


Don’t let the scummy English hacks (which, are the main reason people like me don’t want England to win, regardless of any nonsense people say about hating the English haha - yeah I hate my dad and my cousins) bring this England performance down.

Watch them come out and say they actually didn’t do that much. Watch them lay into Sterling again. Don’t fall for it.

edit: here we go:



Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. Southgate made many poor decisions. He persisted with Alli despite his overall lack of contribution. Lingard was an automatic starter when he shouldn’t have been. Loftus-Cheek was not given enough opportunities. He made the same subs, kept faith in certain players when it was clear they weren’t doing enough.

Henderson at the base of the midfield is a real worrying sign for England because he’s not good enough.

Kane had a horrible tournament despite his inflated goal stats.


You want England to replace a right back with a left back?


Treble gonna treble


You are not talking about Danny the fucking Welbeck, are you???