England thread


Its funny watching people filming themselves going mental on their phones when a goals scored. Although the reality is their sort of stage managing it and are being a bit false really.


I’ve always been like this but for the first time in my life I really fancy going to some random place outdoors with a big screen and going mental.

Might save it for the final though :mustafi:


In Woolwich they have a big screen in the town centre which I’ve been going to with some of my friends. But I think I’m gonna catch this game in Shoreditch. I know BoxPark are selling tickets this time so it won’t be as bad as the Belgium game which was rammed.


I’ve watched all of our games at home but I’m venturing out for this one to get messy. This is now unchartered territory for people of my age and I need to be with my people


Enjoy it then. Everything has fallen into place for England for this WC. I’d imagine that the final will be mental.

Post some pics as well.


You might regret saying that when we’re bombarded with pictures of Craigie jumping on buildings in just an England-themed thong :smile:



I regret the suggestion already.


I was going to do the same but thought I shouldn’t tempt fate and just go out and watch the semi-final :joy:

Have a feeling London will go mad if we get to the final!




A place near my gaff is offering a free drink to anyone who comes to the England match wearing a waistcoat :joy:


Why just why. Be funny as fuck if Croatia win tomorrow now


You can change the word winners to participants pretty easily, right?


Getting so cocky. C’mon Croatia!


It would be even funnier if he got sent off, missed the final and then went to Real Madrid.


Once people cut through the fake platitudes and the media spin, ultimately this World Cup has been a failure considering our run.

Before the start of the WC I deemed a semi final would be a success but for England to fail against the first real competitive opposition is very disappointing considering the talent of the squad. There’s no other way of looking at it.

Although it has been a massive improvement to 2014 in terms of beating sides we should beat and having a deep run. The team and manager deserve credit for that at the very least

This was really a golden opportunity for England NT to restore some self confidence and promote higher standards. It was a fun ride and adventure at least


They’ve done that though, simply by winning the shoot out.


At start off the tournament no one would have backed us to get this far so to see us reach the semi final is a good achievement for us considering we went out to Iceland In the euros a couple off years ago.

Hopefully Southgate tweaks the tactics because we need to create more chances an be more clinical In front off goal.


Winning that shootout is a very minor victory.

The whole England penalty hoodoo was so overblown tbh.


In the context of England it’s a huge one IMO.

We don’t get it done in shoot outs and have many demons in that regard, they were banished this tournament.


Blew it and got found out because they cant create. Sterling was the best player tonight and he surrendered the game taking him off.
Kane was the culprit. Harry Blame.