England thread


These scenes are interesting in a way

People of a certain socioeconomic class act like this in the wake of sporting victories. You see this kind of behaviour in working-class cities in the US too like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

I guess it some kind of mental release after investing so much into your sports team


Thought it was just being pissed tbh.


Why do you keep defending them?! They are cunts. Horrible horrible cunts.


Where have I defended anybody?

I agreed with @SDGooner above that these actions are cunt like behaviour


Alcohol is a hell of a drug.


It makes me laugh when I see people wearing England shirts, or driving around with England flags on their cars, while England are actually playing a match.

Another ridiculous thing is when you see people carrying England flags to the pub, to watch a game.
Why do they do that?
Is it because if they didn’t, they might forget what country they’re in?


Imagine the scenes if England actually win the thing.


I’m due to fly to London the next day… assuming it’s still there :anguished:


Wonder if something like that has ever happened once before in history in Madrid or Munich. Perish the thought.


One of the rare instances where I agree with owning a gun & gunning down few cunts.


Why not Google it instead of just wondering aloud. :slight_smile:


Is this why you stick to your ribena, you are scared of being a stark raving loon on alcohol? :henry2:


Because only the poor ever behave like cunts in public?


My point was in relation to sport and working class people specifically. In my mind Working class doesn’t equal poor, if it does in yours that fine i guess

Not sure where I implied only ‘poor people behave like cunts in public’ either

Another reach :roll_eyes:


Only poor of mind yes


OK, let me rephrase, only the working class behave like this in public?


Where did I imply this? My focus was on working class people, that didn’t mean to say no other class of people are capable bad behavior in public. It’s stupid to assume that’s what my post meant

Why are you pursuing this point?





People could die and not just from alcohol poisoning.