England thread


Stones and Maguire are class. Would love to see us sign Maguire tbh


Yeah I think Stones has finally surpassed Holding tbh.


That’s the reason why i don’t want them to win the WC. They would be unbearable.


Pretty much yeah

You never been on holiday to the Med before? :joy:


There is nothing worse than brits abroad. Scummy bastards the lot of them.


What the actual fuck. Busses and bus stops and IKEA are one thing but this is fucking retarded.

No excuses.


When you extrapolate the number of people drinking around the whole country and the context (Saturday, weather etc) it is odd how people jump all over what was probably the only incident in the whole country where a few drunk idiots smashed an ambulance windscreen and tried to tip it over


That doesn’t excuse it though. That’s one ambulance too many in my opinion.

I don’t much care about people jumping on bus stops or whatever, but that’s lifesaving NHS equipment that is going to be out of commission for a while now. Of course people are going to jump all over it (hah) even if it’s just one case.


I completely agree but I don’t know what the incident really says apart from the fact that the individuals concerned are cunts and should be prosecuted to the absolute maximum. I’m not sure it’s any kind of blemish on people who aren’t cunts enjoying the sun, beer and football.


For me it’s like a running theme with the wc in England.

I know the “it’s coming home” stuff is all memery and banter but you don’t see Spaniards or Germans trashing IKEA’s or ambulances when they made it to the semis or won their finals.

It’s like the “it’s coming home” meme is just getting out of hand a bit.


I get ya.

Poland and Turkey have reached semi finals of the WC in the past, I don’t see them going mental.


I get what you’re saying but unlike the Germans or the Spaniards, I guess there’s a definite sense that this COULD be a one off. Can’t blame people for getting a bit overexcited.

You can however, blame people for smashing up ambulances or furniture stores, that’s not overexcitement, that’s being a scumbag.


I’m now in TWO whatsapp groups that have been renamed “It’s coming home”. Talk about confusion



My one with my mates has been named that since just before the tournament started.

Safe to say I saw this coming :iwobi:


Very cool…


Walker still playing 28 years later!! Fair play :clap:


Has it really taken that long? I was under the impression that Venables rocked a 3-5-2 at times in Euro 96

Edit: seems we did


Also saw something saying Hoddle also used it in 98 in at least one WC game.


Didn’t Neville play regularly in Euro 96, making Platt the sub and therefore going the traditional 4-4-2?

I can’t prove this, it’s just hazy memory recall haha



England fans really on one this weekend it seems.

Such a shame these cunts ruin it for you guys and give you a reputation.