England thread


I said basically :slight_smile:



Listened to the 96 version today. Doesn’t resonate as much as the 98 version tbh

No more years of hurt >> thirty years of hurt





That’s working class Englishness in a nut shell, I fucking love it




I can see why they call us cocky now


Yeah, I bet the poor cunts who work in that shop will be absolutely loving it too when they have to tidy up afterwards.


Absolutely love it.



Fucking hell if England lose now :rofl:


Yeah, I’m thankful for the edit/delete post options. :mkhi:


Wenger knows


I thought it was when Southgate was with the U21’s but he said it 9 years ago :joy::joy:



Btw, shout out to John stones, he has been excellent so far.

Always picking the right pass to play out from the back and given assured performances always.


I think Maguire has been excellent as well, he’s comfortable to maraud forwards when the midfield want to build from the back time and again. A massive threat offensively from set-pieces too.

Can’t think of what this does for their price tags!


Stones and Maguire have been superb all competition. Pickford has done his reputation no harm. Impressed by Trippier and even Young has done a decent job on the left.


Working class Englishness means being a cunt? Lol.


That’s not all:


If they behaved like that during a political protest…