England thread


It’s absolutely my favourite meme of the last few years. I’ve been bombarding a few WhatsApp groups with them and even got away with renaming two of it “it’s coming home” :grin:


Was gonna ask how you feel about England going far sham haha, so you all in on the coming home train? Interesting :thinking: :grin:


Yeah, memes normally tire for me after the first 2 or 3. But I’m enjoying this one for all it’s worth. :smile:


I hope they do go far. Wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if they won it.


Wouldn’t bother me either tbf I have money on France tho so supporting my boys. Not a hate on England


I got Uruguay at 29-1 so I’d love them to steal it.


@Electrifying honestly i hate the reactionary stuff to England just like you but the “It’s coming home” stuff is what Twitter was made for :arteta:

Plus Southgate is already a hero in my eyes haha


Honestly I still hope they get pumped by anyone they play, just cos, and also because (and I know it’s a minority that you reasonable folks can’t do anything about) of the types of people that then are happy if England win (read: UKIP, gammon types)

But Southgate and this group of England players are such a good bunch of guys (minus Alli and Lingard) that you can see why everyone has warmed up to them.

I have too, so I hope you get pumped 5-0 instead of
6-0 :ramsey:

Btw, seen on social media etc that strangely the Welsh are more angry at England’s run than the Scottish :arteta:

Usually it’s the other way round but there you go.


Well regardless I love you Scots. Crazy fuckers with the best sense of humour on these isles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fifty now…:wink:


Aww, love you too mate :heart::heart::heart:


World Cup even taking over the chart’s haha




Three lions 98 never gets played.

A travesty.



Haha black mirror. Love it.


This might be an unpopular opinion, but I prefer this version to the original…

Also, the song opens with the 96 penalty shootout and the words “Gareth Southgate, the whole of England is with you” Relevance!


But…they are basically the exact same song…


Footballs coming home has literally been stuck in my head all day. Thanks social media.



The verses are different