England thread


All countries are like this. If you don’t back your country’s World Cup campaign without a deluded sense of optimism then you’re not a football fan.

The England support is amplified due to the media but it no different to any other nation.


Yeah I can’t believe people think that only happens in England lol. It’s probably made more noticeable because we always crash out soon after a tournament starts, but it’s certainly not something that only occurs in this country.


Just ban this prick already


Cocky cunts. How dare they talk up their team.

And fuck the Swedish media too for peddling their nationalistic agenda.

I’m fucking furious.


How is Wilshere Wenger’s fault when it is his injury that fucked his career?



@Electrifying, here we go! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why do you read the Daily Mail website.


Just to see how stupid they are. Bunch of reactionary cunts.


What is stupid about reporting on England’s match preparations? Lol. I think you could do with some Cryotherapy and a pep talk from Sir Gareth…


Sir Gareth? Have you already won the cup? :smile:




Congratulations, then :wink:


Luca this I hate England is getting boring as fuck now. You’re on an English board have some respect :wink:




It’s just boring.


It makes me laugh to see people say the English are arrogant, think we’re better than we are and think that we’re gonna win tournaments. I think you’ve got to basically be stupid to not realise that the “it’s coming home” chat is like 80% ironic meme fodder.

We know what we are, we’re just enjoying ourselves at a tournament for once.Leave us to it and stop making me play the role of sensitive, persecuted Englishman as if I’m one of the Free Tommy mob.


You are right, i have gone a bit too far. I apologize.


You don’t have to apologise mate, my post was meant to be jokey too :kissing_heart:


Ahah! I should have known :xhaka: :wink: