England thread


Most trains are late here. The hype train just a weeks delay it seems.


So it’s coming home?




You’d think given the fact England have just won a penalty shootout to take us to the QF, Matt Lawton could give his anti-Sterling agenda a rest for the night at least. Smile Matt, it won’t kill you.



I heard Raheem Sterling said he didn’t give a fuck if Madeleine McCann was ever found. Let’s burn the cunt at the stake


Apparently she shops at Aldi…:roll_eyes:

I dont know about these football types but one can always find time jaunty in the Rover to M&S.



Is Sterling playing well though?


Sterling is crap though. He just can’t score and what does he offer to England?


England is crap.

Sterling is good in a team that isn’t shit and offers some form of football, not when he’s surrounded by shite like Dele Alli Jesse Lingard and Jordan Henderson and the other farmers England has out there, playing shite English football. He’s like Walcott but a better footballer and slightly worse finisher.


Is it me, or does anyone else find it difficult to support an England team with six spurs players in it?


Before this WC started i stated that Sterling was as useful as a pile og stinking horsecrap on a monday morning in a small town outside Cardiff. And boy was I right. I would like an a apology from everyone who ridiculed my statement.




Nope, don’t find it difficult at all. They’re wearing England shirts, not Spurs shirts.

Just like whenever a player leaves Spurs they (usually) become more likeable. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not sitting there going “come on Alli” and if he breaks his leg I won’t cry. But I support the England badge, whoever is wearing it.

Besides, if we get to the final, Spurs will start the season with half their team on the beach :smile:


All this talk about rivalries and hate/dislike for other teams during a season is exaggerated. Can’t be otherwise. Almost half of this squad is (former) Tottenham Hotspur or Manchester United.


If we win it, you do realise spurs supporters will be unbearable, especially if Kane lifts the world cup with five other spurs players standing behind him.

I’m not sure it’s worth it.


I’m not turning my nose up at winning the World Cup for the first time in over 50 years because they have a few fucking Spurs players!


I think it’s ridiculous to not want England to win it because you don’t like Spurs players or United players lol. At this moment in time they represent England.

It’s not like if they win the World Cup it ends up in Spurs barren trophy cabinet lol.


Still cant believe Spain went out to Russia. Massive L there.


And yet the commentator yesterday found it necessary to mention Tottenham vs Arsenal when Kane took that penalty. Doesn’t that sting at all?

Fair enough when you all can suppress the club sentiment. I remember how Barcelona and Bayern were credited for those respective world cup wins lol.