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Aren’t all football kits are made in Bangladesh by workers on 21p an hour.


The Telegraph are well known for their concern for the plight of the exploited workers



Fucking Raheem Sterling making those kids work so hard to put the shirt on his back. What a fucking scumbag


So just to clarify Raheem got the gun tattoo because he’s glad his dad’s dead.



#Qatar2022 :sunglasses:


The vitriol will stay as long as we keep playing terrible football and bottling tournaments, no matter what happens at youth level.

I have a cheeky feeling this world cup could be that moment though.


Means nothing when you have an FA conglomerate telling whatever yes man that manages England what players they think he should pick.


What? Who? Seriously?




I think there is some involvement from the hierarchy when it comes to England is all. Some of the player involvements in the past seem sketchy.


Now or previously? I can’t see Capello or Hodgson being dictacted to in terms of selection.


One can hope but since 1990 its been such a shower of shit. 96 was a but different but we were playing at home, so I won’t be getting any hopes up and this current crop don’t look great on paper or in reality.

I do genuinely fear a walloping from one of the biggies though a la germany on brazil…:giroud3:


Capello got told he couldn’t pick Terry and he resigned so I doubt they were forced into anything to do with selection.

I think they were all just stupid enough to think Wayne Rooney really was the best player in the world :mustafi:

But still, Capello and Hodgson were most likely the highest paid international coaches in the world at their times so some of the shit they had us playing was unforgivable.


Me and my girlfriend play the “England World Cup Squad” sex game - neither of us know why we’re there or what we’re doing, there’s little passion or communication and we rarely even make it past the first stage. It’s often accompanied by lots of unnecessary noise, horrible dribbling and never a clean sheet. It’s always over far too quickly and when it does end we know it’ll be at least another 4 years before it happens again.


You think your girl would be quite happy, because the last time you came first was 1966…




Lol it took me a good few minutes to find what you were laughing at :joy::joy::joy:


im not seeing it



As soon as I saw the card was on racism, my eyes went immediately to Vardy… :laughing: