England thread


I think this is fair game. If Beckham or Gerrard had got an assault rifle tattood on their leg Loose Women would have been outraged about it.


I’m not sure if it’s a race issue but it says everything you need to know about our tabloid press making a big deal over nothing on the eve if the world cup.


Not sure about the others like the Mirror or the Star, but the stories from the Sun definitely have some extra venom behind them, that I wouldn’t be surprised was motivated by him being a young black guy.


Why are everyone so fussed about Sterling. He is worse than Walcott ffs. He only plays for city to fill the homegrown quota.


Could be class related too. Or a mixture of both. A lot of newspaper editors and the higher powers at media companies are middle class. How dare a working class black boy exceed expectation and be a success.

With the tattoo rifle on his leg thing, though, I think they’d probably have made a deal about that whoever it was because that is a little controversial. But the rest of the headlines about him just scream personal vendetta.


Some anti -gun campaigner said they’re “demanding” that he gets it lasered off and that she as well as her group wanted Sterling off the squad.

You can’t make this shit up, the Internet really does make people think they’re actually important.

Footballers don’t owe anyone a damn thing as long as they aren’t breaking the rules of the game, if you’re using them as role models then you’re an idiot.


I can’t say I have kids, nor have I been a kid for a long time but it really feels like the days of football players being any kind of role models is long gone. And the nobility of England players too feels like a less significant part of the national psyche these days with the rise of the club game and the decline of caring about the England team. I may be wrong of course.


Well thats a load of nonsense lol. Sterling was one of the best players in the league last season


Statwise yes. But any Winger in that city team would come up with those numbers. What has he shown for England? Nothing. To me there is nothing special about him. He cant shoot, cant pass, no football brain, doesnt have a left foot.





Unbelievable what does Sterling have to do with it you racist fucks


Damn, i thought Danish media were useless.


It makes as much sense as Christians wearing a cross to honour Jesus dying on one.

At the end of the day, his reasons are his own and it matters not if it makes sense to other people. But FWIW, I can see the logic even if it’s never something I’d do.

I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt here to be honest. Her quotes seem to originate from The Sun, I absolutely think they’ve caught her cold by calling up and saying “this footballer just had an assault rifle tatted on his leg, given your son got shot and killed we thought you might like to give your opinion”, resulting in that ludicrous comment she made about lasering it off.

I suspect they’ve fucked her over here as well as Sterling. The poor woman lost a son to gun crime, I think they knew they could get a juicy quite from her if they presented the issue I’m a certain way, there’s no chance they stopped to explain why he might have that tatt or that he is also a victim of gun crime, because had she known that I can’t believe she’d have said what she did.

People should check that thread @Calum posted if they’re going to dismiss the racial angle. Not saying that it removes all doubt, but the vendetta against him imo really does go above and beyond the usual treatment footballers receive. He is treated pretty fucking appallingly and I can’t for the life of me fathom why if there is no racial angle underneath it all.




Looks better like that than having the cannon facing the wrong way. :unai:


Why was that ever done in the first place?


No clue. But, awkward… it was up and right before it was ever left. :grimacing:


Something to do with copyright or something along those lines. I think the cannon facing the other way couldn’t be copyrighted as it had origins to Woolwich Arsenal.

That’s my recollection anyway