England thread


Kylie nude at 50?


I genuinely wouldn’t know about these Sterling stories if people angry about them didn’t further circulate them lol


Football 365 wrote a good article on the constant shit the sun and mail say about him and how they need to stop as it’s beginning to sound like they have vendettas against him


I mean the sun has a pretty big readership so they would still get circulated if people like me didn’t post it


The vitriol directed at him during before and after the Euro’s was disgusting.

I’m sure some of it to do with the fact he went against convention and didn’t take Liverpool dragging his name through the mud lying down and then having the audacity to leave them to join City.

Not sure if Dele Alli didn’t got front page on the tabloids for getting a BJ did he? Definitely a vendetta.


Our tabloids are racist scum. Click for the thread

Be great when they all close and fold cause no one in our generation buys their shit papers


I think i’ll give the 11th series of Friends a miss. Those episodes sound a bit shit.


:joy: didn’t get it until I reclicked the thread


Is this true? Have people really been suggesting that Sterling step down from England? :laughing:

Ridiculous. But just in case, could someone take Phil Jones down the nearest tattoo parlour and draw the whole works on him – machine guns, tanks, everything


Good I just hate all this fucking low brow low hanging fruit bullshit media we see these days.

Good Morning Britain is basically the news for stupid people


Btw the reason he gave for his tattoo makes no sense.
‘My dad died because of guns, so I will tattoo a gun on meself.’
Why not tattoo something that represents your father?

Is there more to his tattoo underneath his socks?


He shoots with his right foot…


The British media are scum. Sterling is needed to carry this team after the season he has had. All they can do is bring him down. Why not get behind the team? They are only human ffs.

Imagine Sterling playing a blinder and winning the WC. I would love to see the u-turns.


It’s supposedly unfinished.

But still, if your job description is wearing shorts and running around, what was he expecting the British gutter press to say.

I’m sure there are other ways he could pay homage to his father.



Do any other countries’ media outlets bring down their players before a major tournament?

It’s just bizarre. “Sterling uses Easyjet depsite earning billions.” “Sterling flaunts his wealth with private jet.” The guy can’t win.


The way GMB, skysports and that fat cunt Piers Morgan have framed the issue is disgusting.

No you fucking oxygen thieves, the real question is why are your weird pricks obsessing over this poor lads every move??

Honestly I’m so glad at the decline of sky sports. They have no sources and just have to nick news off twitter these days, BT are taking all their live sport and their punditry is dogshit apart from Cards and Neville.

Nowhere near what it used to be and I’m glad.


Piers Morgan especially. He supports a team nicknamed the Gunners with a cannon on their crest :laughing:


I can’t help feeling race plays a part in this. Young black man doing well for himself gets gun tattoo therefore has to be brought down a notch. Obviously pure speculation but it grates me how the media are here.


Exactly. Honestly could watch Brett Lee break his arm over and over.


I’d be surprised if this was a race issue, tbh. The media scum have always treated footballers with complete and utter disdain.