England thread


England will do fuck all as per usual. Aside from commenting on minor points like RLC being included, I can’t be fucked analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the squad because it’s pointless. We’ve had plenty of talent in the past who should have put fear into opponents, and it’s all gone to shit every time. This time will be just the same, because we are inherently shit.

I’m far more excited by shit like the prospect of Spain vs Portugal on a Friday night after work :fire: :fire: :fire:


I was thinking about this just the other day. How you guys in the period of maybe 2002 - 2008 or w/e (might be off on some details) not exactly sure but something like that, could build a defensive line from the likes of Sol, Neville, Ferdinand, Cole, Terry, Carra etc, a midfield from the likes of Scholes, Beckham, Lampard, Gerrard etc. and still managed to get knocked out in the QF’s or similar tournament in and out.

So I thought… maybe this is the time you guys actually make it. A bunch of bottling Tottenham players fronted by Welbinho and you guys go and win the whole thing lol


No Hart and Livermore. England has a chance now.


Nope. Although they have more of a chance than Italy do tbf :wink:


And Scotland, tbh.


We never qualify or win it so we don’t count unlike your boys Luca :wink:


You are still a wee national team. That’s it.


compare this England squad to the french and its absolutely shocking. I even rates Denmarks chances at winning the WC higher than this SPuds light team.


Yes luca we are. I wonder if we will ever qualify for something surely we have a chance at Euro 2020 near enough every fucking country qualifies :joy::joy:

What do you think @Electrifying?!


We’re 7th favourites mate :sunglasses:

What are Denmark? Like 100/1?!


Eriksen is better than any England player. Look out for Pione Sisto too.



It really is one of the most disjointed sides in recent years.

Sterling has to carry this team. And mouth-breather Kane if he decides to turn up.

Other than that you look at the whole squad and see no real match winners.

Shelvey and Wilshere left out for Livermoore lol. Ridiculous.


Putting your trust in Mr. Klaim and Raheem Kardashian? gl bruv Panama will destroy ur ass


I have no complaints about who missed out. It’s a shame Lallana hasn’t been playing because he normally raises his game for England.

We’re always shit at football and have ended up bottling it whenever we play someone good so we might as well just play a way that gives the fullbacks freedom and hope they can combine with the attackers. Boring as fuck will do nicely.


Stat attack



It’s the important stats that matter.


That’s trivia, not a stat.


Our defence is questionable and we have no creativity in midfield. We are going to struggle against anyone who parks the bus and anyone who can play good football


So essentially struggle against everyone then? :joy: