England thread


Why are there 4 RBs and only 1 LB in that squad?



Walker Cahill Stones Rose

Henderson Alli Dier

Sterling Kane Welbeck


8th finals exit it is then :giroud3:


Taking nine defenders when you could get away with taking seven.

Attempting to play possession based football and leaving Lallana, Wilshere and Shelvey out.

They will struggle against the better teams because the style of play and midfield will break down under pressure.


I think he’ll go:

Walker Maguire Stones
Trippier Henderson Dier Rose
Alli Sterling

Though personally i’d give RLC a start, he’s earned it.


Pope should be in goal. Done a great job at Burnley, he’s earnt it. Joke how Wilshere is missing out though, he’s one of England’s most technical players fgs


Probably the worst England squad I’ve ever seen…We really are in a poor state…


Quite inexperienced too – whether that’s a good or bad thing, I don’t know. With 15 goals, Welbeck is the top scorer.


You are Fake News


:open_mouth: What did Rose say to Cahill that made him stone him?!


I don’t know, Vardy and Kane bang goals for fun.

Rashford has been great for United, so has Lingaard and while Alli hasn’t had the best season he definitely knows where the goal is. Sterling has been brilliant for City too.

Henderson is an integral part of a fantastic Liverpool team and Delph and Walker have been really good for City too.

Pope has had a fantastic season between the sticks for Burnley as well but I guess he’s a bit inexperienced.

For me the biggest question mark are the two CBs and one of the CMs and then also how you set up to get the most out of that ridiculous attacking talent.

Sterling, Kane, Vardy, and Alli could all start in attack but how do you get them in there and working with each other, that’s the question.

The squad itself is great, it’s more how you get the best out of them that’s the question.


The squad is good but the approach to the way they play is wrong I think.

They should be attempting to play like Liverpool with a counter attack approach pressing high up the pitch and looking to release to wide areas by running in behind, instead it’s like he wants them to play like City or the possession based teams that have ballers in their midfield.

You play to the strengths of the personnel and he’s not doing that and they’ll suffer for it IMO, the game against Belgium will be very telling.


Most bland and average England squad i have ever seen. So many donkeys in this squad its unbelieveable. Gonna lmao when England will be crashing out in the group stage.


Belgium is our final group game

Hopefully we’d have got it together by then.


It can hold up against the weaker sides but if it won’t work against the better teams or those on par it’s not the right approach.

I’m interested to see how they fair.


Has he?



Both him and Martial have regressed, I think Rashford needs to leave as well if only on loan.


I was under the impression that he had been good.

But fuck it; Lingaard, Alli, Vardy, Kane, and Sterling should be more than enough firepower up front.


There’s deffo enough fire power to hurt teams no doubt.

Question is whether it all comes together.


I feel as we have a decent squad, with the odd stand out player. I also quite like Southgate, to say he’s a major improvement on Allardyce would be an understatement haha. But we really lack creativity, it’s going to really hold us back as a squad. Comparing our midfield/creative options to Spain, Germany, Bleguim, and France is just scary. It’s why Wilshere should’ve at least been in the squad, I can’t see anyone there who can create much for us.



Shelvey should have made the squad no question because when it inevitably goes to shit with the possession based approach he could be brought on with the likes of Vardy to open up the game. Lallana is another that should be on the plane.

It’s nonsensical that you want to play with possession yet leave arguably the three best players of that type out of the squad.


Not terrible on paper, that’s for sure. Sterling and Kane in particular will worry a lot of teams, and bringing on Vardy as a super sub is an excellent option.

Central midfield and central defence are hopelessly average though. That’s where, as usual, we will come undone against the better sides.