England thread


Don’t know. The official announcement is tomorrow. The Wilshere and Hart omissions are just leaks.

I’d take him though.

In terms of forwards, I’d probably go: Sterling, Welbeck, Kane, Vardy, Rashford


Yeah I’d take the same forwards tbh with you. Although I’ve never been sold on Rashford


Where is big AC!?


Miles away from the England squad where he belongs


Read that Bertrand is being left out and Young and Delph are in. Bertrand is better than Rose IMO.

Young in particular shouldn’t be going and Rose has barely played football this season and is firmly second choice anyway. What happened to all that guff about regular football?

Jones seems to getting in too over Tarkowski, fuck knows what’s the reasoning there. More than a bit of United and Spurs bias here.


What would be a success for England at the World Cup?


Semi final at the very least. Anything else is a failure


At this stage I feel like reaching the quarter final is a good World Cup for England.


Really? France, Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil and Spain all have better squads. Than I might be forgetting one or two countries who are at least equal to England.


Yeah I’m not sure it’s semi’s or bust.

Quarter finals playing good football with a distinct style would be a good tournament unless of course they are up against a team they should beat comfortably and lose.


Considering we’d in all likelihood come up against either Germany or Brazil in the quarters - if we can get past Colombia or Poland in the last 16 that is - i’d say a semi final is pretty unrealistic.

I’d be happy reaching the quarters to be honest. As long as we give it a go, there is no shame in losing to Brazil or Germany.


It’ll be a good world cup if England lose to someone better. Don’t really care what round.


Its may be realistic expectation but I don’t feel quarters represent ‘success’ for England tbh.

Beating a major side to progress would definitely be a great accomplishment which would highlight England’s growth and maturity in tournaments. It will also mean Southgate has developed a system to negate weaknesses in CM and CB

Part of being a serious international football side is having high expectations. This is a talented squad especially offensively


Image Livermore in and Wilshere out :mkhi:


If Kane and Vardy up front isn’t enough, then nothing can save England.


I think Quarter Finals is a par World Cup for England, anything more and it’s a splendid result. Happy to see Jack isn’t picked, would be a real worry for England if he was in the best midfielders after the season I just watched.


Rumour has it that Livermore has been picked though. No way is he a better option than Jack or Shelvey.


Yeah fuck, England’s midfield options really are diabolical aren’t they ?


He’s so awful.

Southgate does well and follows with bad not long after.


Fucking comical if true :rofl: