England thread


Before this sale was even mentioned, they were planning on taking some England games away from Wembley anyway. We’re playing Costa Rica at Elland Road pre-World Cup. And the Switzerland game in September will be away from Wembley too.

I’d rather they took the FA semis away from Wembley though to be honest.

I wonder how this will affect Chelsea too, will they still be able to use it as their home? They might have to move in with us :see_no_evil:


Absolutely this. I have been offered tickets to the semis in recent seasons but have turned them down because I so strongly feel that Wembley should be a special thing for the final. Just feels really wrong to me going to Wembley for anything else.


I know it’s the sun but

Imagine they ground shared the Emirates tho. Fuck that. :joy:


Wait what?! Jadon Sancho is English?! Since when lol?

He is injured right, but what do you think could he make the world cup squad?

Surely deserves to over some of the wasters you guys have.


Since about the year 2000, when he was born in London… :grinning:


IKR? English and has mad skills. :sunglasses:


So what you think, should he make the squad?

Do you think he has a chance?


I’ve not been watching football as much this season. He’s played 10 games in the Buli for BVB and I’ve probably seen about 30 mins of him, if that. :joy:

10 games, 1 goal, 3 assists in 505mins. That’s not bad for a guy just out of academy footy. It’s waaaaaay too early for him to go to a WC, though, surely?


Good on Gareth Soutgate, the right decision. Hope Hart’s mates in the press pipe down and STFU now. Pep was right to bin him


Pope has been the best English keeper this season and deserves to go, he needs the experience of being in the set up considering he could potentially be the #1 in a few years.

It’s good to see Southgate make the right decision, the amount of pundits that have been advocating Harts inclusion on the basis on his “experience” has been nauseating.


it’s amazing to think of some of the backlash Pep got when he dropped Hart :joy:


Finally! Butland deserves to be first choice.


Defintely. He can blind the opposition with his looks :star_struck:

In all seriousness though, Pickford had a dreadful game on Sunday. He’s not reliable. And Butland has just been relegated.

We’re not exactly overloaded with talent in that department. Then you get Brazil being able to choose between Ederson and Alisson. Jealous much.



Thought Jack would have been picked to be honest, given England’s shit midfield options



Southgate is someone I respect. I feel like he has a clear idea of the kind of players he wants in his squad and had a clear vision for how he wants his England team to play.

He paid his dues at youth level and whilst he didn’t always excel the truth is that he deserved the chance to manage England.

People are going to be pleasantly surprised with the way this England team might play under him.


Definitely making the tough (but right) decisions other managers failed to make and I doubted he’d have the balls to make.

Binnng the influential press darlings and famous but underwhelming players. I’m pleasantly surprised.


It shows how much of a mess England NT had been through the years, that a manager not selecting some painfully shit players come as a surprise.


Thinking about it now, if say Jack was competing for a place with Lofus-Cheek, then leaving him out is absolutely the right decision. RLC has been pretty decent this season. Could argue Shelvey is above him too – but not sure Southgate rates him.

Will need to see the full squad before judging, though.


RLC looks a class player every time I watch him.

To think that Chelsea shipped him out in order to sign Bakayoko :mkhi:


Did welbeck make it