England thread


Southgate was banging on about people who don’t play for their clubs not being selected, yet here we have someone who can’t get a game for West Ham and is not only now shit but there’s a good chance he’ll be starting in a major international tournament.

Southgate is nothing but a dim-witted coward.


How is Livermore in there, he is average at best. Shelvey has been decent for Newcastle and deserves Livermore’s spot at minimum.

Joe Hart’s retained his place solely because of his caps and lack of competition bar Pickford, who Southgate probably reckons is too young and still won’t make him first choice.


Joe Hart being picked has triggered even me as a Scot, why has Southgate got shit for brains???!!




Is that actually Phil Jones?!


It’s like in Friends when Chandler can’t smile for the camera and ends up looking slightly deranged, so he gets Joey to pose for the engagement picture in his place :laughing:

Anyway, some kind people on Twitter fixed it…


shouldda used one of these pictures


Fuck me that’s easy money. I wonder when he put that bet.


If the odds were only 33/1 then probably not that long ago.

You hear about blokes doing this with their kids occasionally and they get astronomical odds.



Well we now have a beautifully coloured graph that proves that Jack Wilshere is the wildcard you might want to have in your squad :+1:

Jesus, the state of them. And if Kane isn’t fit, our forward options too.

At least expectations will be legitimately low.


So this happened tonight. Nice one for grandad.




If happens not all England games would be played at Wembley


That moustache is sensational


So the bid would pay off the cost to build the stadium in one hit. Considering how money grabbing the FA is no doubt they’ll accept the offer.


Is the NFL that popular in London/Great Britain for an investment of this size?



Random coincidence - There seems to be some sort of American football skills event going on below my work sponsored by the Jacksonville Jaguars (whose owner is trying to buy Wembley)

That’s kinda cool, I wanna join in :rofl:

The NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, the UK’s NFL home team, and Official UK Founding Partner LGT Vestra US have created a unique new university scholarship opportunity, the Gridiron Grant.

The Gridiron Grant is a first of its kind sports scholarship programme in the UK, offering a university scholarship to two students graduating from the JagTag programme, or who are involved in American football in their community each year.

Students interested in the opportunity have until April 20th 2018 to apply for the Gridiron Grant, at which point a panel of experts that includes LGT Vestra US executives, Jaguars representatives and an education representative from the Government will select the recipients based on a range of criteria such as academic achievement, participation in American Football, commitment to the community and a demonstration of personal endeavour. The inaugural winners of the Gridiron Grant will be announced later this year following the completion of the academic year.


I’m sure his involvement with Fulham led to this/him doing the bidding.

I thought that two/three game deal per season with Tottenham already seemed like enough


So Wembley and Old Trafford then.