England thread


She read it all :joy_cat:


Hahahaha oh man I’m in tears


Lol her face after reading that was priceless, surely that’s not a real tweet from him though? If so, what an animal. It’s not funny really


LOOOL fuckin hell


battered the wife could mean he gave her a good dick down, why ya’ll hating on the poor guy??? :stuck_out_tongue:


The thought of Phil Neville doing that however isn’t a great thought :stuck_out_tongue:


What about Xhaka :smirk:


I already have that thought daily :henry2:


LOVE IT! One more this summer!



Josh Onamah?! :rofl::rofl:


Onamah is still only 20 to be fair. They were obviously trying to be clever by picking a 16 year old – knowing that if it panned out they’d look like a genius.

I’d bloody rather take him to Russia than Jordan Henderson though. I have no idea why I have this hate for Henderson but I do! And don’t want him anywhere near Russia come June!


Big fan of Moyes ending Joe Hart’s England career.


Him being in the team not on merit for years basically means we have fuck all other keepers with any international experience so I’d not be surprised if he was somehow starting in the WC.



That debut column is pretty pointless for a teamsheet lol


What the fuck does Joe Hart have to do to not get selected?! I know it’s only friendlies, but still.

Pleased for Nick Pope and Tarkowski though. They deserve it. Though i’d also have called up Shelvey and Lascelles – quite surprised to see the likes of Henderson but not those two.


Where is Kane? :poldi:

Ah here he is :face_with_head_bandage:


Shelvey is a hothead and a liability at times but he should get in on the basis England don’t have a player like him especially considering Jack isn’t getting a look in.

He wouldn’t have to start but if you want to open up a game, get quality passes forward and the team high up the pitch you need someone like him in the squad.

Henderson, Dyer et al are the same stoic type that makes a midfield lumbering and aimless.

I agree with you on Pope and Tarkowski, nice for Mawson too, all good players. Pope is looking like he’s the real deal.


Why is Livermore still with England? WBA are bottom of the league and he is really nothing special.


Joe Hart is a turd amongst the cabbage.

He gets picked solely for his “international experience” which we’re meant to believe is like, really important for tournaments but then it ends up that he’s the only English keeper with any international experience because none of the other fuckers can get a game. It’s a vicious cycle that’s fucked us for a good 4 years or so.