England thread


When I see that England team sheet:


Big Sam Allardahahaha :xhaka:


Butland is by far the best English keeper. If he played for City and Hart played for Stoke he’d be the number one as that’s sadly how it works.


I don’t really care that much for the England international team and haven’t for a few years, but I’m happy to see Antonio with a call up because he’s a decent player and has done great for West Ham last season and the start of this season


Jordan Henderson apparently going to be named England captain tomorrow. :facepalm:


He’s so steely and gritty lol


Henderson is the Liverpool equivalent of Ramsey. One good season (both 13/14) and they’ve not really done much before or since tbh.


Rooney will stay captain… wouldn’t have made much sense nominating him if he wasn’t going to.


When looking at Ramsey and Henderson in the most honest sense, how comparable are they and in terms of match influence and individual ability, who’s ceiling would you consider higher?

They’re very different central midfielders but if any of them has it in them to dominate in their best possible environments it’s Ramsey by far surely.


@Robin_L Do you still rate Henderson as much as you used to? Just curious because I used to laugh about that but then he started to impress me a bit. However it seems like injuries and bad management have seemed to curtail his development.


Henderson’s ceiling is Gareth Barry. Ramsey’s ceiling is Cesc Fabregas.


No! Henderson is frankly awful.

I used to think Henderson was the best young English midfielder in world football. I believe I went on record as saying as he was the complete package, and that we hadn’t seen his like since a young Bryan Robson burst onto the scene. I used to think a Jack WIlshere / ‘Hendo’ partnership was as good as it gets.

I’ve since left rehab though and nowadays take a more rational approach to life…


Rooney still captain. Big Sam failed already.


I have as much interest in England as I have Colchester United.




Walcott picked, but Wilshere not and has too prove himself? Joke.

Walcott’s probably the epitome of the ‘stealing a living’ phrase.


Walcott has started our first three matches of the season, and it’s reasonable to believe that that will continue to be the case, so I can see why Allardici might have him in the squad given his comments on players needing to be playing regularly. You can’t really say that of Jack just yet.

If he’s fit and playing decently for Bournemouth he’ll be back in, it’s no big deal really. Being dropped from England, as well as being shipped out of Arsenal on loan, might provide a bit of a kick up the arse anyway.


And later you’ll tell me that my opinion isn’t good because I believed Sanogo had potential to be a decent striker. :wink:


I’ve grown to not mind Walker but I really don’t like Rose.

Oh and Allardyce’s Rooney can play wherever he thinks best comment killed any hope I had for his reign.

Wenger in.


Walcott actually played well when he came on. A much better final ball…begs the question why doesnt he do that for us.