England thread


He’s deleted his twitter now :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Jesus :joy::joy:

Has he actually already been sacked or was that just fake?


I’m sure the FA will be doing a full and proper investigation before a sacking.


The FA are currently investigating tweets Mason Holgate made when he was 15 so it’ll be interesting to see what the response from the FA will be.


Phil Neville could have a shorter England managerial career than Big Sam!


He didn’t even apply for the job, why the fuck was he given it?


Maybe they misread the Rooney rule and thought it was about giving jobs to his mates :wenger:


What did Phil Neville do?


Go up the thread and read the tweet I screenshotted :wink:


I love that his response was just to delete twitter.

Could’ve just said it was a joke or that 2012 was a different time and he was only an immature 35 year old trying to find his way in the world before embarking on a mid-life crisis move to Spain.


Hahahaha wow he is such a knob


I do find it a little pathetic though, that people feel the need to search old tweets from years back to incriminate people – this isn’t the first time it’s happened. I’m not saying what they say is right, but everyone makes mistakes – and that P Nev tweet isn’t even that bad, I hear worse sexist comments than that!

Just seems like a “bring people down when they’re doing well” culture.


Who gives a fuck, tbh.


Phil Neville is an unbearable man though fuck him


I’m completely in favour of such a culture when it relates to a Neville, scholes, giggs etc.



I have mad respect for Phil Neville now.
Go Misogyny.

This guy is always angry on Twitter.
Followed him for a while then I was no longer interested in his mood swings.



It’s a real tweet from 2011, and a parody account reposted it today… Sky Sports read it out…



Hahaha. Thats incredible. How does this happen :rofl: