England thread


Can’t wait till Southgate is gone after the 2018 world cup tbh, such an underwhelming coach.


Didn’t McClaren do something similar with David Beckham when he took over? It’s ridiculous, Southgate is cutting off his nose to spite his face. I know some people don’t rate Wilshere, mainly other fanbases who don’t watch him on a regular basis, but that England midfield is seriously lacking creativity – something Jack could provide.


Shambles from him tbh. Why not pick Jack for this massively depleted squad, just to let him know he still matters? I hope we’re in a position to pick him in March… despite him having no role with England for two years? If he believes he’ll play a role he should be involved.

Retire from England duty Jack. Then you’ll always be the one that got away, rather than the one who goes to every tournament and does shit.


Any reason why England are playing in blue even though they’re playing at home? Seems kinda silly to me


To try and sell the kit? Only reason I can think of.


England vs. Germany? @Persona :cech: :henry2:


Yeah you’re correct

Anything to try and sell a shirt I guess


I really don’t think leaving Wilshere out is such a big deal.


How so?

How many CM’s in that squad have anywhere near his X factor? What’s the difference between Henderson, Dier and the like? Even Winks who I think looks a good enough prospect has been playing in a Spuds team where it’s not difficult to come in and look out of place, also he’ll be out as soon as Dembele is fully fit.

Southgate is full of shit and will be exposed soon enough which will be a surprise to absolutely no one.


Nike said they had to as they haven’t wore it enough.




Clean sheets are a piss poor way of judging a keeper.


Does this stuff actually work? Or does it just waste Chris Hughton’s time?

I read somewhere else that 30% of players are BAME and 1% of managers. I’m not sure about coaches but since coaches become managers I’ll guess it’s pretty low.

I used to be the kind of person that was against anything like this because it should be “the best person for the job” but I’ve grown to think that if there is a problem that is being ignored then actually forcing a solution to that problem will hopefully end up moving the world forward sooner, making it not a problem anymore.

I disagree with football managers though. The England job should be we have a £100k a week budget, who is the best person we can convince to do this job because the best person for the job matters. For lower level coaching and management roles then sure, we all know the guy who’s the assistant coach to the England U16s is most likely not one of the best coaches in the world so you can open that up to be for people that are sufficiently qualified.


Phil Neville chances of getting the Women’s Job have dramatically crashed :joy::joy::joy:

How do people find these tweets :joy::joy:


He’s already been announced as the new manager.

Shots fired by the clubs photographer


He’s already got the job, unlucky phil.


I suppose anything is possible in this crazy world we live in, but I just can’t see anyone bothering to impersonate Vic Akers on twitter


Tbf he’s probably called himself that as there is already an @VicAkers lol