Emmanuel Adebayor

Have to admit I thought he’d retired years back so it was a bit surprising seeing this pop up.

For good reason we don’t think of him fondly anymore but he did have a decent spell here before it went sour.

That volley at the lane will always be one of my favourite goals.

Noticed he wore number 6 while at Madrid after watching a mini clip of his time there. Just not right, is it, a striker wearing that number!

Think it’s safe to say he’s definitely one ex player that won’t be getting an invite to the stadium anytime soon.

Heard his bizarre announcement video comes complete with him scoring against Arsenal and nothing from his Arsenal days. He clearly still holds a grudge against us.

Surprised he hadn’t retired years ago.

For us he was genuinely one great season.

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Cracking goal vs Villarreal as well.

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No time for this waste of existence


Looked a world beater that 07/08 season

One memory from the following season that sticks out when it comes to him is not that type of player Shawcross clattering him. Funny he injured a few of ours, for someone that wasn’t that type of player. We seemed to hear that phrase quite a lot around that period of time.

Guy made a career out of hating us lol.

Did he even win anything with city?

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Today in this week’s chapter of tweets about players nobody gives a fuck about


didnt even know he was still playing tbh

Didn’t when he was here sometimes.


He gave this interview towards the end of the 08/09 season while still here and carried that grudge the rest of his career.

Am I remembering correctly, him and RVP didn’t see eye to eye?

Given he studded van Persie in the face and nearly took out an eye, you could say that :grin:

Though post 2012 I tend to place that incident in the positives column when assessing Adebayor.

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Fuck, how did I forget that incident?! Brutal. Also remember a clash with Lord as well. Fiery character.

I seriously could never understand why. Yea he got some shit from the fans after he.moved to city…what did he expect?

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Loved Adebayor for a time but he’s a prime example of wasting your talent by having ideas well above your station way too early. That became a theme at Arsenal in that period wasting the potential for big careers ala Flamini, Hleb, Song. Those guys fell by the wayside way too quickly.

As soon as his work rate dropped and his ego and status grew (30 goals, African player of the year) his level drastically dropped. The AC Milan interview was where the fans really turned on him. I’d say at times he was a bit misunderstood as well. And that terrorist attack on his national team bus really shook him up bad understandably.

When he was on it though, quality player. Volley at the Lane absolute gold, Newcastle strike belter. Should have made more on his talent. One of his earlier performances against United away in 2006 caught the eye and he was sensational the following season.


I never got it either.

The guy was talking about how much he wanted to go to Milan in that 07/08 season for us. Just a massive bellend in general.

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Nah get this cunt out of the former gunners section. He lost that right when he ran the length of the pitch to celebrate in front us and then join Spurs


Former Gunner isn’t a compliment, it’s just factually where his thread belongs :grinning:

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Flashbacks of his last season where he got his new contract then rewarded us by being permanently offside then jumped ship to City.

Yep still can’t stand him.

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The epitome of a mercenary player.
Adebayor would kiss the badge and be loyal to what ever club paid him the most.


Every time I see people disparaging “mercenary players” I think to myself “Self, if someone paid me that much money and I’ll kiss their badge too.”

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