Emiliano Martinez (Not yet on loan)

He would keep in goal against Palace as well.

always rated him

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Think he still needs to prove himself. I’m not convinced yet

I’ve always wondered what he’s still doing here. I can’t remember him not being here so he must have been at the club for like 8 years now and be well into his 20s and still a 3rd choice. Surely you’d fancy a bit of something new? I guess if Ospina goes in the summer he might get promoted.

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Has a route to the first team if Ospina decides to leave. Can’t see Cech playing out a long career and it seems Szcz is an undecided factor right now.

I like him!

That game he didn’t was Stoke away in December 2014.

Impressive stuff though.

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He’s a decent GK.
Certainly as number three choice, there can’t be many better.

I can’t remember any games where he has let us down.

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7-5 against reading, our defence had a nightmare but he had some fucking clangers.

But yeah I like him a lot, he always performs for us. Sell Ospina and Cech, buy Schmeichel and promote Martinez.

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Yeah he’s very good for a 3rd choice keeper.

Happy with that. Emi deserves a chance as he’s impressed any time he’s played.

Only thing is would Huddart or Macey be third choice now?

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not good enough to be number 1 so as long as he’s happy being number 2 then it’s fine keeping him

I’m not even sure he’s good enough to be a number 2 though. Yeah he had a good game v West Ham, but he’ll need to play more games to convince me he’s ready to step up. Selling Szczesny and Ospina and promoting Martinez, to me, would be a backwards step in the goalkeeping position.


We’ve been taking quite a few backward steps lately.

Another one won’t hurt :wenger:


Yeh, I’ll never fully trust Martinez and I honestly don’t understand where everyone gets the idea that he’s some sort of top class understudy. Maybe I’m too critical of him but I will never get that 7-5 out of my head when it comes to this lad.

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number 2, but plays all non league games or some shit?

Honestly if juve see Szcz as a viable replacement for Buffon, then we should be recalling him, and not putting a largely untested kid inbetween the sticks.

he’s 24 :wink: not some kid lol. He’s as good a backup we are gonna get. Cech to play all PL and later stages of the FA Cup/EL if we get there and he can get the LC and early EL/ FA Cup rounds

Edit wrote CL instead of EL. gonna take some getting used to that :joy:

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well yeah it is a backwards step, we really need to be signing a new keeper as it looks like we’re selling Ospina and Chesney, someone to ideally replace Cech as he’s on the decline

[quote=“Castiel, post:34, topic:694”]
Yeh, I’ll never fully trust Martinez and I honestly don’t understand where everyone gets the idea that he’s some sort of top class understudy
[/quote]I was always under the impression that it was just @Calum that highly rates Emillano. After all, there was that thread when he asked if he should keep his spot as first choice keeper after like one match :cristo:

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Ah thabks, but still 24 and third choice…


He has less than 50 career appearances and just over a dozen for Arsenal and only 6 in the PL. Its a massive fucking gamble if we go into next season with him as Cechs backup.