Emiliano Martinez + Baklava/Knafeh

Great to see him nominated for the Lashin award, further vindication for the Emi Gang is always welcomed. Leno quite clearly could never.


Leno gang do not care. We’re now the Ramsdale gang.


Good, fraud never deserved a gang in the first place, this is essentially what we repeatedly told all of you.


Some of us just wanna back our players over some Villa bums

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What’s the most you have paid for a baklava?


What the fuck is the Red Bull doing there? :rofl::sob:

More to the point…Why is red Bull £11:00 ffs…


I’ll be pleased when I can go back to making it through a full day without seeing a receipt from one of this bellend’s restaurants.


Lol a service charge of £4.8k.

Nobody deserves that kind of tip for bringing you a few plates of food. Even if I was ridiculously minted, I couldn’t bring myself to be okay with that.

I’d probably cap my tip to £1,000 or something. Even that sounds fucking ridiculous.


Do all customers pay that or just the ones that have the bloke come to their table to cut up the meat and throw a bit of salt on it?

12.5% added on to the bill whether you like it or not is standard now in most restaurants.

They say it’s “discretionary” but I pay it 9/10


That’s the current social media flex, showing off a receipt from that place. “Oh look what I am stupid enough to spend all my money on.”


Speaking of eating out - I really want some banging Turkish/Lebanese food and I remember peeps on here said Green Lane is the best for it.

Are there any particular restaurants that are the best? Focus on the baklava/knafeh as well.

@SRCJJ @Midfield_Maestro @BizzySignal

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In my opinion the two best Turkish/Kurdish restaurants are Diyarbakir and Hala.

They will all have kunafeh and Baqlava but the quality of their grilled foods are far above the rest. You can’t go wrong with either. Diyarbakir has two places one in the heart of Harringay the other which is a larger place down the same road on green lanes.


What the fuck is Petrus?

That’s why I am McDonald’s for life

Very expensive red wine

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Marina Meze Grill in Woodford is one of the best I’ve had in recent years. Excellent reviews too.

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Not £400 though, thank god.