Emiliano Martinez + Baklava/Knafeh

Warm Turkish bread with a garlic yoghurt dip :tongue::tongue::tongue:


One of the things I miss most about going vegan.

No shakshuka. No baklava (unless they use maple syrup which I think is a crime against Turkish people to destroy such a wonderful dish.)

But I miss tzaziki and other yogurt dips most of all. Nothing like it.

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Why don’t you un-vegan yourself then? :sweat_smile:


Have u had Knafeh yet?

No. Where would serve it?

Amy Turkish restaurant worth its salt!

If you know any good ones, go and try!


:bellcry: cmon Phebs!

There are lots of dairy free yoghurt alternatives (I know you probably know) but Tzatziki/Cacik is really easy and quick to make.

3 spoons of yogurt (vegan friendly sort for you), quarter of cucumber finely diced, one clove of garlic, some dill and salt, mix and add a drop of olive oil. That’s it 15 minutes bro.


Martinez is a good goalkeeper.

Yeah but have you ever had chocolate ruggelach and a tiny cup of tea after a good shabbos dinner?

That’s way more important than keeper talk. We’re all about desserts in here.


The fucking audacity to talk about goalkeepers in this thread


Can we keep it to desserts because talking keepers is depressing me. (Ramsdale news)

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You ever had kugel? It’s a sweet noodle dish.

Way better than Leno.

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Never had it before but Looks scrumptious

Are hot puddings frowned upon during the summer months?

Like apple crumble?

It’s great, but stay clear of the savory ones. You’ll bite into it thinking they’re apples…nope, potatoes. :gabriel:

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