Emiliano Martinez (26)


Aside from the 7-5 (SIX YEARS AGO) he’s actually been really good every time he’s had the chance for us.


fuck right off. six years ago!? WHERE DOES THIS TIME GO.


Szcz 8-2 gonna slide by unnoticed then?


Yes because fuck talking about that game.


[quote=“shamrockgooner, post:44, topic:694, full:true”]
Yes because fuck talking about that game.
[/quote]The only remotely good thing about that horrendous game is we were treated to @Leper and the hoist story, so every cloud and all that :gunnersaurus:


Also, Armand Traore was fucked off out the door sharpish. :smirk:


Need to stick up for Szczęsny here. He wasn’t at fault for any of those 8 goals! Probably our best player that day!


Says a lot that a keeper who conceded 8 goals can still be seen as our best player lol. And sadly enough I also believe he was that day.


The sad thing is we’ve had to hear it more than once.


Don’t agree with this one, I think Martinez lacks enough experience for his age, whereas we’ve overextended ourselves with Woj and are now going to lose him as his career starts to hit his peak. Backwards step losing Ospina and (particularly) Szczesny and promoting Martinez to #2

It may be a tough existence for goalkeepers but you need someone a bit more tried and tested as a #2. Martinez should be out on loan doing what Woj has been doing, with someone like Macey kept on as #3. A gamble that’s more likely to backfire imo


Not being terrible in a few games doesn’t mean he’s ready for the Premier League. If Cech breaks his wrist in September this guy could be our number one keeper for an entire season. That’s a single point of failure that clubs don’t take risks on these days.

If we can’t find anyone then make Szczesny see out his final year on our bench but we’re nowhere near poor enough to excuse this kind of cheapskatery.


This club man. I’m gonna die if Martinez is genuinely deputy to Cech next season.

He could be the Mbappe of goalkeepers for all its worth, but we need a prime keeper we can count on, it’s the one position where risk just isn’t worth the reward.

edit: stupid weed, reward >< risk.


Need to do an LVG style substitution next time we’re in a penalty shootout


He is proving to be a reliable 3rd choice.


I remember his first appearance for us in a pre season friendly V AFC Wimbledon…we lost 3-1 I seem to remember!


But if he has the ability to perform would be good to see him in a run of cup games


Thats a great loan move for Emi.

Also means the best #2 in the league is staying. Great news IMO


Our resident Getafe fan @AbouCuellar must surely rejoice at this news


:joy: My uncle and cousin would be happy if they hadn’t stopped being socios like 4 years ago and began to sudar del getafe as is the natural process of the life of a Getafe supporter.


so now we have got rid of 2 keepers this summer and not replaced any, not good