Emiliano Martinez (26)


He would keep in goal against Palace as well.


always rated him


Think he still needs to prove himself. I’m not convinced yet


I’ve always wondered what he’s still doing here. I can’t remember him not being here so he must have been at the club for like 8 years now and be well into his 20s and still a 3rd choice. Surely you’d fancy a bit of something new? I guess if Ospina goes in the summer he might get promoted.


Has a route to the first team if Ospina decides to leave. Can’t see Cech playing out a long career and it seems Szcz is an undecided factor right now.

I like him!


That game he didn’t was Stoke away in December 2014.

Impressive stuff though.


He’s a decent GK.
Certainly as number three choice, there can’t be many better.

I can’t remember any games where he has let us down.


7-5 against reading, our defence had a nightmare but he had some fucking clangers.

But yeah I like him a lot, he always performs for us. Sell Ospina and Cech, buy Schmeichel and promote Martinez.


Yeah he’s very good for a 3rd choice keeper.


Happy with that. Emi deserves a chance as he’s impressed any time he’s played.

Only thing is would Huddart or Macey be third choice now?


not good enough to be number 1 so as long as he’s happy being number 2 then it’s fine keeping him


I’m not even sure he’s good enough to be a number 2 though. Yeah he had a good game v West Ham, but he’ll need to play more games to convince me he’s ready to step up. Selling Szczesny and Ospina and promoting Martinez, to me, would be a backwards step in the goalkeeping position.


We’ve been taking quite a few backward steps lately.

Another one won’t hurt :wenger:


Yeh, I’ll never fully trust Martinez and I honestly don’t understand where everyone gets the idea that he’s some sort of top class understudy. Maybe I’m too critical of him but I will never get that 7-5 out of my head when it comes to this lad.


number 2, but plays all non league games or some shit?

Honestly if juve see Szcz as a viable replacement for Buffon, then we should be recalling him, and not putting a largely untested kid inbetween the sticks.


he’s 24 :wink: not some kid lol. He’s as good a backup we are gonna get. Cech to play all PL and later stages of the FA Cup/EL if we get there and he can get the LC and early EL/ FA Cup rounds

Edit wrote CL instead of EL. gonna take some getting used to that :joy:


well yeah it is a backwards step, we really need to be signing a new keeper as it looks like we’re selling Ospina and Chesney, someone to ideally replace Cech as he’s on the decline


[quote=“Castiel, post:34, topic:694”]
Yeh, I’ll never fully trust Martinez and I honestly don’t understand where everyone gets the idea that he’s some sort of top class understudy
[/quote]I was always under the impression that it was just @Calum that highly rates Emillano. After all, there was that thread when he asked if he should keep his spot as first choice keeper after like one match :cristo:


Ah thabks, but still 24 and third choice…


He has less than 50 career appearances and just over a dozen for Arsenal and only 6 in the PL. Its a massive fucking gamble if we go into next season with him as Cechs backup.