Emiliano Martinez (26) On Loan


Probably should have just sold him.


I find this a strange move. Martinez is our number 3 keeper

Just say Cech or Ospina pick up a long term injury and then the other gets a ban or picks up an injury as well, where the fuck does that leave us?


Tell Jens to get his gloves on? :wink:


Not such a crazy idea :joy:


Back up goalkeepers like him live the life. They get paid just to come into training.


Good for him to go to La Liga. It’s gonna do him so well.


It’s a good decision IMO. It’s bad enough being a second choice keeper at some clubs, let alone third choice. He’s not 18/19, he’s almost 25 - he needs more games under his belt.

Big Matt Macey will have to step up. Or Ryan Huddart - he’s been training with the first team


Why are you so sad lately?


I’ve never been happier.


I think he has afuture here, but he needs to gain more experience.

Wise move IMO.


Do you think he has a future here?.


Oh yea, this guy exists.




Looked good when he played for us. Only bad game was against Reading in that famous League Cup game.


I have not followed his performances on loan what is why i asked.

Seems that nobody cares haha. But i have been reading and apparently he has cemented his palce on the bench.


No idea why we loaned him out just to be a backup GK and not get games for another side. Some of our player personnel decisions are truly baffling.


Think he would have done a better job than Ospina.


Ospina ain’t that bad. We could do better but he is decent IMO.


Nah Ospina is pretty shit, Woj would clearly be our no 1 at the moment if we didn’t sell him to Juve for fuck all in the summer.