Emile Smith Rowe (On loan)


Anybody know were this lads up to injury wise. Have a bit of hope in him going forward.


actually forgot about this guy, wasnt he meant to be back at the beginning of this month?


Thats what I was thinking. Go to my ITK @Calum. What do you know mate.



Once Man United and Chelsea/Tottenham disappear over the horizon, I want to see plenty of league minutes for ESR in the final 10 or so fixtures, while saving the experience for the Europa League.


Bundesliga bound


Why are we loaning all this brave young english lions to ze germans? :bellerin: @Persona


Fantastic move if true


They finally figured out they have fuckall chance to get pitch time and at the same time play somewhat good football in England lol


Great move for ESR!!


Since England’s youth teams started winning everything, they are being noticed abroad.


Hopefully he gets some playing time! The Bundesliga is a great platform for these youngsters.


Surely there’s a British Bundesliga group chat somewhere with all these guys going there?


To make way for a winger I wonder :henry2:


Because Germany knows 1966 was no fluke and beg for the superior players. :unai:


Im a bit gutted on this one. I think he could of been promoted here now. Think he could have played a bit of a role in the Europa for us.


I think it’s the right move, he’s been blooded a bit in the earlier rounds of Europa but now considering he would likely get reduced playing time in the latter stages it’s good for him to get some game time elsewhere.

Hopefully they play him quite a bit.


Need the big boys in Europa now strolls. Knockout football is unforgiving


I like this move too. We can’t afford to risk inexperienced players in the league as we need every point we can get, and Europa games are too far and few between now we are out of the domestic cups. Good experience for him to go there.


Still think we lack depth in the squad and hes a decent option for now. Our bench is weak and with welbeck injured and Eddie going he should stay.