Emile Smith Rowe (32)

Perhaps not but I definitely would if it happened and he turned out good.

Fucking girls name…

Lol funny stuff in this thread. Very promising player but at this stage, like all others, odds are he doesn’t make it with us. Doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about a very talented and impressive 17 year old. I am enjoying watching him and will follow his progress bc he shows some of those flashes of a little something special.

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He had his birthday three days ago. He is already 18 :wink:.

I’ll never forget the lesson that Fran Merida taught me. Never.


I wonder what would have happened if he chose to stay and not go to Atletico. I know we had Fabregas, Rosicky and Ramsey, but still.

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Would have been huge if the fool stayed.

God that suddenly makes me feel old :santi:

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You’re like twice his age aren’t you? :wink:

I’m still very youthful, thank you very much :kos2: Besides, you’re old enough to be his wrinkley auntie :ramsey:

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I definitely am. He was born a day after my 18th. Fucking hell!

The problem was that Wenger wasn’t capable of developing our young players anymore. I have high hope with Emery now. He seems to be someone who wants to tell you how football needs to be played.

Not getting overly excited for our young prospects anymore as I have fallen for that trap too many times before, I’m just hoping for the best.

Speaking of talented youth, what the fuck is going on with my boy Gedion Zelalem?

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On his IG he posted a picture saying hi to Emery, shaking hands.

I graduated from High school in ‘99. Gotta go take my teeth out in a few minutes.

He won the golden ball with one of them English juniors sides that won the world cup, right?

So there is definitely talent there. Remains to be seen if he can realise that potential though, I really hope it works out.

Is he still with us? Completely forgot about him.

Interesting point. Was disappointed when he left obviously, but clearly he didn’t achieve anything after leaving to make us feel like we missed out. He might very well have realised his potential here if he’d stayed, learning from the likes of Cesc, prime Rosicky etc.

I remember how excited I was when we signed Jermaine Pennant all those years ago. Can throw Arturo Lupoli into that category too. There were a bunch of others like Quincy Owusu, Aliadiere, Bentley but I never really had the same level of excitement.

A quick Google search tells me that he was injured for 13 months, and is currently back in training.

Another loan on the cards I imagine. Have no idea how his development in general has been going but he’s 21 years old now.