Emile Smith Rowe (10)

30m is peanuts

ESR is starting to look really good, and we should give ESR & Vieira one more season.

Eddie and Partey are done here.

The fact that Mikel didn’t think ESR could help us yesterday when we needed the goal doesn’t look good for him.

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I think it is over for ESR sadly. It’s very clear that Mikel doesn’t really trust him. He’s far more talented than Willock, so we should get decent money.

Maybe far from match fit?

At least we can tell, Nelson was fit.

There have been too many occasions this season where ESR has been unused.

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What did we get for Willock? £25 million? We’ll be doing well to get that for ESR after he’s barely kicked a ball for 2 years.

Nah, I think he has another season with us still. There are more players that will be leaving/likely to leave in the summer. We don’t have a huge overhaul and this goes in ESR’s favour.

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At some stage, he has to want to be starting regularly. Looks unlikely here.

Doesn’t make sense Ron when Partey and Jesus have been getting minutes after lengthy lay offs.

I think the diminished minutes for the likes of Eddie and ESR means that we’ve outgrown them or Arteta is done trusting them.

I don’t see where ESR would have been added

Post the 3 substitutions,
We were

Saliba - Gabriel
White - Rice - Zinchenko
Saka - Odegaard - Nelson
Jesus - Havertz

Zinchenko has experience to switch between LB & CM. You need width so Nelson makes sense.
To add ESR, you would need to take out Odegaard or Rice, which I don’t think was ever an option.

ESR for Trossard would have been adequate enough and he’s closer to how Martinelli plays on the LW then anyone else.

He’s done.

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Because they are seniors??

I think it’s application too. Not sure Arteta is certain about this on ESR.

Sure he has a plan, but that doesn’t look like ESR has the favor.

Jesus for Trossard on the left, ESR for Jorginho.

It’s still the same system that Brentford was able to defend against

Good game, looked perfectly fine leaving the pitch but will need twitter doctor reports to confirm his vitals.


He has a career here.

Not sure about Nelson and Vieira


Thought he had a great first half. Could see he was gassed in the 2nd