Elon Musk (and Twitter)

Yeah you can say I took the bait, but I’ll take it to combat fake news.

I thought you liberals of the American type don’t like fake news?

Guess it is different when it suits your narrative as it so often appears :slight_smile:

How am I an American liberal lol

I posted it to see just how quickly you’d jump on it lol, Im not out there on twitter disseminating fake news to the masses lmao.

Because you’re not a classic liberal which isn’t left wing. Not that the American liberal is left wing by European standards.

But Americans even fucked up authentic Liberalism.

Right, so why are you suggesting I am one, seeing as I am very clearly left wing in line with generic European standards? Lol

And this

Point of Twitter is to be snappy. If anyone wants to tweet essays I won’t be reading them.

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@Forever Musk has falsely called someone a paedo on twitter in the past, why are you holding me to a higher standard than Daddy?

I find posting easily refuted fake news stuff American liberal shenanigans. Cry when right wing turds do it, but same time do it themselves.

In this topic I have seen plenty of fake news statements or claims and getting plenty of likes despite it being fake news. I don’t think that’s a good thing at all.

Sorry what’s your point? If he did so, he shouldn’t do it. Pretty obvious right.

I’m arguing with you, right now.

What do you mean “if” lmao. There’s no “if” about it, he absolutely did do that.

So close to admitting Daddy did something wrong but you disappointingly fell at the last hurdle.

You disappointingly fell as well spreading fake news. Pity

I haven’t done anything here that Musk himself hasn’t done to others.

Difference is I did it purely to bait you on a tiny forum nobody reads, he told his literal millions of followers that a bloke who is a paedo with literally no evidence :joy:

Whataboutism :slight_smile:

Love it when this is used as a conversation terminating cliche.

One day I’ll find a behaviour or action that Musk has committed and get you to a) fully acknowledge it happened and b) that it was wrong, instead of just condemning it when others do it to him.

It’s been used plentiful by American liberals across a variety of topics. :slight_smile:

You seem to mistakenly think I can’t condemn Musk. He is just a human being like you and I and he is an asshole at times like you and I can be. He has done and said plenty of things I disagree with.

Now it’s about you posting some fake news stuff.

You get so upset when anyone disparages him in the slightest, the fact you’re still crying about fake news only demonstrates what great bait it was.

He’s never gonna notice you mate :joy:

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One day youll specifically highlight one of these things, rather than talking about them in the abstract lol

You’d be not a very smart person if you think I want him to notice me by posting on a tiny Arsenal forum about him and Tesla :joy::joy::joy:

Here is one for starters: his tweet about we invade who want was a dick asshole tweet. He shouldn’t have done it.

This represents serious progress, well done mate. Our time is up for today but let’s pick this up again in next week’s session.

I look forward to your improvement in avoiding posting fake news for cheap likes. See ya next week this time