Elon Musk (and Twitter)

I’ve got some tucked nicely away as part of a self invested pension too.


I’ve always maintained that those who own twitter can run and moderate it however they want and I must say up until the recent ‘for you’ change I hadn’t noticed much difference, but I just don’t understand the thought process here.

They can try whatever tricks they want but 99% of us will never pay for twitter and they are driving users away every day with this stuff. MySpace, Bebo and Vine didn’t die overnight, but they did die (more or less) and it’s surely on the cards here too.

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Tesla BOOMing in China after smart price cuts, still maintining the HIGHEST margins of any automaker.

Musk is such a dumbo making so much money :joy:

Tesla slaps all of y’all time after time :slight_smile:

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We all know musk is the enemy we must all hate because big brother told us to. Now take you somer jab and shut up and ask no questions

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Dare I ask what a somer jab is?

As much as I enjoy making money out of Tesla (stocks) I’d never buy one, plastic pieces of shit. Brother in law has a Model Y and for what he paid for it the build quality is abysmal, fools :rofl::rofl:

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But it’s very easy to switch between ‘for you’ which shows you stuff you might not want, and ‘followers’ which only shows you content from people you follow. And the two don’t seem all that different to me. I quite like having the two options.

That’s fine and it’s not going to stop me using it but I just think it’s annoying having to constantly switch out of the for you tab. A really shitty user experience to not just let me make my own choice.

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I believe very few people actually read tweets from people they follow.
Youtube is the same. Traction is mostly from the recommendation tab, not from subscription tab.

To be fair, I do often forget I’m in the for you tab. Would be better if the default was followers.

I hate these 2 tabs for ‘for you’ tab, I don’t need an algorithm telling me what I think I’ll like, I’ll decide by actually following people.


It’s funny they didn’t want to post this one did they @Forever

They only wanna post his L’s smh

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So apparently people managed to convince them that the way to boost engagement/reach is to set their accounts to private…

Always a good look when Tim Pool is quicker to realise something doesnt add up than you are

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Elon is no longer synonymous with Tesla, @Forever

It’s Twitter and that’s all

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This is fake news. Again.

Although Musk met Epstein, it was a 30 minute visit at Epstein’s house and because his girlfriend at the time Riley wanted to meet Epstein. He never went to the island.

This is according to Newsweek: Fact Check: Did Elon Musk Visit Jeffrey Epstein After Release From Prison?

Guess they will make the platform profitable at the expense of overall discourse.
Not a bad thing to limit the rage on the platform.

:fishing_pole_and_fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

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