Elon Musk (and Ex Twitter)

Fee likely to be very small - but the real reason is bank account data IMO

You’re absolutely wrong on many accounts. It’s comical how much you hate the guy.

Read the book that just came out on him. Unless of course all you’re interested in is your hate confirming agenda.

As long as you’re aware that we find it really funny how you’re his one man PR team on here :joy:


Oh I am well aware :slight_smile:

Someone gotta refute the occasional bullshit regarding Musk.

You guys don’t like him, Kitn outright hates the guy

And when Soi boy timmie cook meets apartheid leader Bibi, this guy is of course crickets

Because it’s difficult calling someone out and living the righteous life by throwing his iPhone and MacBook into the bin :slight_smile:

I dont think that’s why, tbf, I think it is more because Elon Musk is far more high profile. I can’t move online for Musk news, I literally cannot remember the last time I was served up some news about Tim Cook.

Speaking about myself now, I don’t think Musk is really any more despicable than any other billionaire, in some regards he is a bit better with the environmentally friendly business he heads up. But I’d appear to hate him more than any others because of his profile, and because he bought twitter and acts like a cunt on there all the time.

That I can respect.

Not KITN’s two legged red card charges every post about Musk. :slight_smile:

Again your deflecting. “Well what about Tim Cook”—this is the Elon Musk thread is it not? As usual you completely ignore the topic which is Musk putting a paywall on twitter, another of many dumb decisions.

The fact that he’s making such an announcement while meeting with Netanyahu flies in the face of all of the freedom of speech rhetoric.

Yes Musk is the same as the Bezoses and Zucks of the world. They’re all a scourge on the planet. See I can say that while you @Forever have your favorite billionaire you like to root for like he’s a football team or something.

Man I feel bad for Bezos. Poor(pun intended) guy didn’t do anything.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I expect the fee will be token/nominal amount. I don’t think it is anything more than filtering data - in our “modern” time, it is all about the data. By adding the pay element, he effectively will be able to attach a person to every username, that is the end goal here. The value of that data then will make his acquisition of twitter worthwhile. It will only take a few people pay and the masses will follow slowly, if not immediately

How much of a nominal amount are you willing to pay per month to access Twitter?

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I get that’s the theory but he made a similar attempt with the blue check marks, albeit they charged more for those. Even if it’s cheaper there’s no guarantee users would pay it to stay on. And I thought all these social media sites kept user data so why would it be any different now that they’re charging?

Fucking WHY

I doubt anyone would admit that they would pay $10 per month for Twitter.

So “free speech” cost money, who knew?


X - Pay what you want, say what you want.

@elon can have that one for free.

I don’t use Twitter but if there’s a link on here I’ll read it, so is that still free?

the difference with Twitter/X is that most users are somewhat anonymous (they struggle to differentiate with bots, so that diminishes it’s value), but having personal data and being able to link that directly to bank details will be worth heaps I expect.

Makes no difference to me, the only Twitter/x content I see is embedded on this site - and no chance I register especially with bank details. I just think there is far more to it than trying to generate money directly from people paying to use the site

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That’s a good point - will embedded tweets on here be visible to all, or only those with an active X subscription. Will embedding tweets even be a thing? Maybe they’ll put a stop to being able to share them.

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